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Pakistan citizens trolled its military: Spokesperson of armed forces slammed for civil interference

Asif Ghafoor the Director-General of Pakistan’s Inter-Services Public Relations was heavily trolled on Friday for sharing an announcement related to the opening of a Public Highway. 

The public chooses twitter to express their anger and frustration over the military’s involvement in the matter of civilians.

The Spokesperson Pakistan Armed Forces,  Major General Asif Ghafoor issued a statement on the opening a section of the Lahore-Sialkot motorway for the public. The announcement should have ideally come from the Ministry of Communications and Highways.

Pakistan army

After the statement was issued and reported by the military, the public took it to twitter and trolled the ISPR by associating it with petty comments and attributing them. There was one tweet associated with ISPR with wedding attire rentals, another associated with the organisation with insignificant life advice and one even attributed them with advising to stop the cold weather.

Members of the civil society including journalists also mocked the ISPR’s involvement in government matters. Maj General Asif Ghafoor in retaliation mocked senior journalist Sana Bucha himself, the tweet now stands deleted.

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