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Ghaziabad suicide case: Preliminary post-mortem report released


The preliminary post-mortem report of five members of a family – a couple, their two children and another woman – who were found dead on Tuesday morning (December 3) came out on Wednesday (December 4).

The report showed that Gulshan, the head of the family, got injured at five places and died due to haemorrhage. Gulshan’s wife Parnima suffered injuries at four places and she died due to shock and haemorrhage.

Sanjana, the woman who used to manage Gulshan’s business, got injured at four places and she also died due to haemorrhage. Gulshan’s daughter Kartika and son Hrithik, whose throats were slit, died due to an injury on their necks. 

The five people were found dead in Vaibhav Khand area of Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram. They committed suicide by jumping from the eighth floor of their apartment. Before the trio jumped to death, the couple strangled their children – a daughter and a son – and stabbed them while they were sleeping inside the house, the police said. A pet rabbit was also strangled. As per the police, the reason for committing suicide is domestic discord and financial crisis. 

In a related development, Ghaziabad police on Wednesday arrested the prime suspect Rakesh Verma from Mohan Nagar. His family had provided the police with important information about him after they were taken into custody for an enquiry following the incident. 

Verma’s name was mentioned in the suicide note. He is a relative of the family. After the initial investigation, the police had suspected his involvement in the gruesome incident. On Tuesday, his location was traced in Kolkata.

The man had been identified as Gulshan Vasudev, 45. His wife’s name was Parveen and the other woman who was living with them was identified as Sanjana, who worked as a manager of a jeans factory in Gandhi Nagar. 

Source: Zee News