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Patna Nagar Nigam doesn`t have funds for projects, officials moving in luxury cars


Patna: Several development projects under Patna Nagar Nigam are put on hold due to lack of fund but the officials are provided with cars costing several lakhs. Patna Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and other officials are seen moving with luxurious cars to monitor the projects in the city. 

The high-cost cars provided to the officials raise the question on the state government’s priority. Where on the one side huge amount is being spent on providing comfort to these officials, the very objective of their work to develop the city is lagging behind.  

The observation was made when all the officials gathered for a meeting in the Nagar Nigam office, in Patna, and the parking area appeared like a showroom for luxurious cars. The officials arrived with their shining cars for the meeting on Wednesday (December 4). 

Few days back, the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Patna were provided with a Fortuner car whose price ranges from Rs. 27 lakhs and seven other officials were provided with Innova car which also comes at a price of nearly Rs. 14 lakh. The total amount invested in purchasing the cars comes around one crore rupees.  

The question is not only about the high rates of the cars but also about the cost incurred in the name of their maintenance.  

On Zee media investigation, it was found that the drivers provided to these officials are also government employees.  

Source: Zee News