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This photo of cat enjoying bike ride in Mumbai will shoo away Monday blues!

If you are hit hard by Monday blues and you’re searching for cute cat & dog videos online, then this might interest you!

The photo of a cat from Mumbai is going viral for its riding style. 

Shared by Twitter handle named Weeb, a cat can be seen enjoying as a pillion rider on a two-wheeler. The cat fits perfectly on the seat and can be seen perfectly during the ride.

While sharing the photos, the tweet was captioned, ‘This is so dope man I wish I could trust my cat as much’. 

This is so dope man I wish I could trust my cat as much.

— Weeb (@dhrutzpah) November 27, 2019

Since being shared on November 27, the post has gathered close to more than 2.5k likes and the numbers are increasing. It has also garnered more than 300 retweets.

People flooded the post with some really amusing comments. While some impressed with balancing skills, others shared funny reasons behind this picture. 

plot twist: it’s not his cat and he doesn’t know it’s there

— Mudita Sisodia (@apurplestrand) November 28, 2019

Aww. I was so impressed tbh. I could never trust my cat like this.

— Weeb (@dhrutzpah) November 28, 2019

Hmm, will try to train my kittens…

— Rohan (@Rohan_E_Squad) November 28, 2019

I cant even trust my friends that much

— Rom (@kyabataun) November 29, 2019

The worst bit is she just looks like mine.

She is also going through a rebellious phase.

— The Patrician (@oneiros_p) November 28, 2019

Earlier in October, a video of a dog wearing a helmet on the bike went viral.