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‘My political career not built by Twitter’, says Cong’s Kushbu as she deactivates…

Popular actor and Congress party spokesperson Kushbu Sundar has quit micro blogging network Twitter, saying she deactivated her account not because of trolls but because of negativity engulfing the social media platform.

Disappointing thousands of her fans, the actor-turned-politician deactivated her Twitter account late on Tuesday. Till recently, she had been very active, commenting on politics, sharing the film projects of her film-maker and actor husband Sundar C and about movies.

“I have decided to quit and deactivate my account as I want to be my own since the negativity engulfing the space on Twitter is changing me. I am becoming somebody and not what I am. The negativity engulfs you,” she told HT.

Another important reason for her to quit was the desire to spend more time with family.

“I want to spend more time with my family. It was one of the reasons for me to take this decision,” says Kushbu, who is now a queen of TV soaps in Tamil channels.

Kushbu dismissed the view that she quit Twitter was due to the online trolls and made it clear that she could never be subdued by the hate campaign. At the same time, the Congress spokesperson asserted that she was not gaining anything politically by remaining active on the micro blogging site.

“My political career was not built by Twitter and neither it is dependent on it. True I could instantaneously respond to issues and developments. But Twitter is not the sole mode of communication. In the past too when social media was not there, I could engage the media. I am always accessible to the media and to my fans, who could write mails which could be cherished as good memories,” reasoned the actor, who cut her teeth in politics with the DMK.

However, this is not an end of her presence on social media altogether since she will continue to be active on instagram.

Source: HindustanTimes