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‘Epitome of a decisive public servant’: Tributes pour in for former CEC TN Seshan

Leaders cutting across party lines mourned TN Seshan’s death and called him a guiding light.
Condolences poured in from across the country, late on Sunday night, following the death of former Chief Election Commissioner TN Seshan in Chennai. From politicians to journalists, Seshan was remembered as an official who upheld democratic values and ensured free and fair elections in the country.
He was 86 years old and passed away at his residence in the city. Leaders cutting across party lines mourned his death and called him a guiding light.

Shri TN Seshan was an outstanding civil servant. He served India with utmost diligence and integrity. His efforts towards electoral reforms have made our democracy stronger and more participative. Pained by his demise. Om Shanti.
— Narendra Modi (@narendramodi) November 10, 2019

Saddened by the demise of Shri TN Seshan. He was a true legend.
His contribution towards election reforms will be the guiding light for years to come. My deepest condolences. Om Shanti!
— Nitin Gadkari (@nitin_gadkari) November 10, 2019

Sad that former ChiefElectionCommissioner
TN Seshan has passed away in Chennai. He was my father’s classmate at VictoriaCollege Palakkad — a courageous &crusty boss who asserted the ElectionCommission’s autonomy& authority as no CEC before him had done. A pillar of our democracy
— Shashi Tharoor (@ShashiTharoor) November 10, 2019

Saddened to know about the demise of T.N. Seshan, a stalwart for free and fair elections. His legendary contribution to democracy will be always remembered. My condolences to his family and many admirers
— Mamata Banerjee (@MamataOfficial) November 10, 2019

Passing away of Mr TN Seshan is the end of an era.
Free and fair elections are a basic and essential element of a parliamentary democracy and Mr Seshan proved how the Election Commission can ensure it.
You will be missed sir RIP
— Arvind Kejriwal (@ArvindKejriwal) November 10, 2019

Deeply saddened to hear Shri TN Seshan passed away a short while ago. He was a true legend and a guiding force for all his successors in Indian EC. The Country will remember with gratitude to TN Seshan for his outstanding contribution to EC.
— Pon Radhakrishnan (@PonnaarrBJP) November 10, 2019

TN Seshan was appointed the 10th Chief Election Commissioner by President Venkataraman in December 1990. In the next six years, he changed the face of the Commission bringing about sweeping electoral reforms. While elections in India were all about money and muscle power, the Commissioners before him could not ensure that the Model Code of Conduct was adhered to. It was Seshan who brought in the change, demolishing walls of resistance.
He advised the then Prime Minister PV Narasimha Rao to remove two sitting cabinet ministers over allegations of influencing voters. He cut down on allowed expenditure and had a zero tolerance policy for campaign speeches that stoked caste or communal sentiments.

Just been informed Mr TN Seshan is no more. I am informed he was ailing for some time.
He was an epitome of a decisive public servant who believed in constant improvement dynamically.
He was a very warm hearted person. One with a tough exterior with a very humane/soft interior
— Kiran Bedi (@thekiranbedi) November 10, 2019

The passing away of Sh.Seshan marks the end of an era. He upheld the dignity of his office & earned respect by his fierce independence & effective functioning. A goalpost for his successors, he continues to be a benchmark for the constitutional framework of a thriving democracy.
— ashok lavasa (@AshokLavasa) November 10, 2019

The Election Commission of India deeply mourns the passing away of Sh TN Seshan. Expressing his condolences, CEC Sh Sunil Arora said “T N Seshan was a legend. He will always be a source of inspiration to us and all CECs & ECs to come”.
— Sheyphali Sharan (@SpokespersonECI) November 10, 2019

Thank you #TNSeshan. In your farewell, you have reminded us, yet again, what an individual who has the guts and courage to stand up, can do.
— RadhakrishnanRK (@RKRadhakrishn) November 10, 2019

RIP TN Seshan ji, was an accomplished civil service officer in whichever role given to him but will always be remembered as someone who as Election Commissioner redefined ECI by bringing in transparency, efficiency and accountability.
— Priyanka Chaturvedi (@priyankac19) November 10, 2019

Breaking now: a man who gave the EC a face, and more crucially, a spine, the formidable TN Seshan is no more. RIP
— Rajdeep Sardesai (@sardesairajdeep) November 10, 2019

Sad to announce that Shri TN Seshan passed away a short while ago. He was a true legend and a guiding force for all his successors. I pray for peace to his soul.
— Dr. S.Y. Quraishi (@DrSYQuraishi) November 10, 2019

He prohibited bribing, intimidation and liquor distribution. Though they were multiple rules in place already when he was appointed, it took an officer like Seshan who was unfazed by political backlash and criticism to enforce them.
Current Chief Election Commissioner Sunil Arora, told the media, soon after Seshan’s demise, that he will always be a source of inspiration to EC officials.

That a man like TN Seshan existed in India – head held high, with the arrogance of integrity – that this man was such a threat to all politicos that they did not give him the Bharat Ratna or the Padma awards – that we vote today thanks to him – Seshan Sir, the unsung Hero. RIP
— R S Prasanna (@rs_prasanna) November 10, 2019

TN #Seshan did not need any new laws/powers to change polling in India. His words “people have till now voted like dumb, driven cattle” before he stopped booth capturing were apt. Concept of 2 ECs and a CEC was started to check his powers. RIP
— Rakesh M Chaturvedi (@_Rakesh_RC) November 10, 2019

An icon in India Sh T N Seshan, the man who taught everyone a lesson in contesting elections, a father figure for civil servants is more. Om Shanti. May he inspire a generation of civil servants who learn to differentiate right to wrong and stand up for their conscience. #India
— Suketh Kumar Chinchela (@schinchela) November 10, 2019

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