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Almost 3,000 cases of dengue reported in Tamil Nadu in 2019: Health Secy


A total of 2,951 persons have been treated for dengue in Tamil Nadu from January 2019, as per Tamil Nadu’s Health Secretary Dr Beela Rajesh. She was speaking to reporters on Tuesday after conducting inspection at the Stanley Medical College and Hospital in Chennai. 

Explaining the purpose of the inspection, Beela Rajesh said, “Nilavembu water is being given to patients here and we are here to ensure that there are sufficient medications available for patients.”

She also mentioned that so far, one death has been recorded due to dengue, which was from north Chennai. Explaining that the Department of Health and Family Welfare is concentrating on adopting preventive measures against dengue, she said that Chennai, Tiruvallur, Ambattur and Dharmapuri are all focus areas for the department. In Chennai, north Chennai is being given special attention. 

“We have 2,951 cases of dengue so far. Our target this time is zero dengue deaths. If people get admitted in the early stages of dengue, we can cure them and send them home,” she told the reporters. Adding that the department is also focussed on reducing the source of dengue infections, she said, “This year we have also involved school students to be the eyes and ears of the department. They will help us increase community-level participation and awareness in households.”

Dengue is one of several mosquito-borne diseases. The virus is carried by the Aedes aegypti mosquito and is commonly seen during the monsoons. Some of the most common symptoms of dengue are high grade fever, joint pain, muscle pain and general fatigue. It can be treated and cured if spotted early. Dengue does not have any vaccine, and hence the treatment is largely based on supportive measures to control the symptoms an individual may have. 

Source: The News Minute