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RSS chief Vijaydashmi address Highlights: ’To talk about Hindus does not mean opposition…

Mohan Bhagwat, the chief of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh, addressed a gathering of the organisation in Nagpur on Vijayadashmi festival on Tuesday. He also performed ‘shastra puja’ on the occasion.

HCL founder Shiv Nadar was the chief guest at this year’s event.

An address by the RSS chief or sarsanghchalak in Nagpur is an annual event of the saffron organisation.

Here are the highlights of Bhagwat’s address to the swayamsevaks:

– The nation by electing the new government with an increased number of seats in 2019 has endorsed its past performance and expressed a lot of expectations for the future.

– The move of the re-elected regime to nullify Article 370 has once again proved that it has the courage to fulfil those expectations and respect people’s sentiments and wishes in the interest of the country.

– The security alertness along our land and maritime borders is better now. However the number of guards and checkposts on land borders, and surveillance along the maritime border, especially on islands, have to be increased.

— A developed Bharat creates fear in the minds of vested interests; such forces don’t not want Bharat to be strong and vibrant.

– Diversity is an intrinsic strength of our nation. But diversity of caste, creed, language and region are being used by vested interests to separate one from another, turning them to differences; imposing fabricated identities on manufactured separations

– Branding some incidents of social violence as ‘lynching’ are actually meant to defame our country, Hindu society and create fear among some communities. Lynching is alien to Bharat and actually has its references elsewhere.

– Whatever the difference of opinion be, howsoever provocative actions might have taken place,still the society must act by remaining within the limits of Constitution, reposing faith in the police & judicial system of the country.

– To talk about Hindus and organise them does not mean opposition to Muslims, This even volunteers don’t understand the RSS chief said.

– Slowing down of world economy has left its impacts everywhere. The government has taken initiatives to tide over the situation in the last 1.5 months. Our society is entrepreneurial and will overcome these challenges. MSME’s must be supported.

– We need an education system which gives comprehensive knowledge and pride about our language (Swa Bhasha), our attire (Swa Bhoosha), our culture (Swa Sanskriti), our ancestors.

– We feel the need for a radical transformation from curriculum to teachers’ training. This cannot be achieved through mere structural changes.

-Media has a major role in awakening the society and creating a conducive social atmosphere. if the media joins in creating a constructive atmosphere, this endeavour will gain momentum.

– For the last nine decades, the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has been working for creating ekatmata (unity), sadbhavana (goodwill), sadacharan (good conduct) and sadvyavahar (good behaviour) in the society, and a clear vision and devotion towards the nation. However, attempts are being made by vested interests to create distrust, fear and hostility among sections who have not yet come in contact with the Sangh.

– The vision and proclamation of the Sangh regarding the identity of the nation, social identity of all of us, and the identity of the country’s nature, are clear, well-thought-of and firm that Bharat is Hindustan, Hindu Rashtra. Those who belong to Bharat, those who are descendants of Bharatiya ancestors, those who are working for the ultimate glory of nation and joining hands in enhancing peace, respecting and welcoming all diversities; all those Bharatiyas are Hindus.

First Published:
Oct 08, 2019 10:29 IST

Source: HindustanTimes