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Mob lynching not intrinsic to India, says RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat

The nation by electing the new government with an increased number of seats in the 2019 Lok Sabha elections has endorsed its past performance and expressed a lot of expectations for the future, RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat said in his Vijayadashami speech on Tuesday.

He, however, asked the government to take quick and stern action against those who break the law and disrupt peace. He also backed the government for making attempts to bring economy back on track.

In his speech which began with an endorsement of the government for certain steps such as the abrogation of Article 370, Bhagwat said the government should be applauded for taking steps to meet a long-pending demand after taking other political parties on board in Parliament.

Abrogation of Article 370 that gave special status to the state has been a long standing demand of the RSS, the ideological mentor of the BJP.

Referring to the issue of defence preparedness, he said the defence forces are ready, their morale is high and we’ve seen examples of this over the past years. “The security alertness along our land and maritime borders is better now. However, the number of guards and checkposts on land borders, and surveillance along the maritime border, especially on the islands, have to be increased,” he said.

He said there is an attempt to foster differences between communities based on language, caste and religion. He said attempts are being made to create fissures in society by pitting identities against each other and creating fear. He also said an attempt is being made to link RSS volunteers to these activities.

At a time when concerns are being raised over issues of lynching and violence against minorities, he said law and order has been bypassed, but this is being encouraged by those who have vested interests.

“Everyone must understand that there is a conspiracy…,” he said.

Lynching, he said, was not intrinsic to Indian culture.

“It is essential to be alert in identifying plots of vested interest and counter them on intellectual and social planes. Alertness is a constant necessity,” he said.

He said there should be quick and stern action against those for violence under the law and if existing laws are found to be inadequate, then the government should bring in more stringent ones.

“Whatever the difference of opinion be, howsoever provocative actions might have taken place, still the society must act by remaining within limits of the Constitution, reposing faith in the police and judicial system of the country,” he said.

On the issue of trade and other related issues he said trade agreements should be framed on our own terms. Citing an example he said: “Why are we asking Brazil for semen for cows, when India has its own Gir cows”.

Bhagwat also appeared to clarify on the RSS’s stand on swadeshi and foreign investment. “We believe in swadeshi but we also know that international ties cannot be snapped,” he said.

“Slowing down of world economy has left its impacts everywhere. The government has taken initiatives to tide over the situation in the last 1.5 months. Our society is entrepreneurial and will overcome these challenges… Medium and small enterprises must be supported,“ he said.

On the issue of women’s rights and safety he said, women need to be given their rightful place in society and have to be encouraged to do so.

“A high responsibility of imparting values rest in the family. It is a matter of great concern that women feel unsafe today. The sanctity and decency of our culture is to be instilled in the men’s approach towards women,” he said.

To talk about Hindus and organise them does not mean opposition to Muslims or Christians. “Sangh does not mince words that India is a Hindu Rashtra. Hindus are those who understand that everyone is right in following their own faith, but follow Dharma,” he said.

Urging the ‘Hindu Samaj’ to strengthen itself, he said no one protects the weak. “In 2009, I was the sarsangachalak, but there weren’t so many here to listen to me, today there are because the Sangh’s presence has increased,” he said.

“The vision and proclamation of the Sangh regarding the identity of the nation, social identity of all of us, and the identity of the country’s nature, are clear, well-thought-of and firm that Bharat is Hindustan, Hindu Rashtra,” he said.

First Published:
Oct 08, 2019 10:43 IST

Source: HindustanTimes