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The A to Z of 2016

A is Apple, Android, AI: And other state-of-the-art tech

B is for Brexit: A decision Britain may regret

C is for Clinton: Her emails and her shimmy

D is for Demonetization: The idea for a cashless economy

E is for EU: That claims it has a migrant crisis

F is for Fight: The war against terrorism, particularly ISIS

G is for Gandhis: India’s self-proclaimed first family

H is for Hombres: The good, the bad, and the ugly

I is for ISIS: a group that’s anything but rational

J is for Jingoism: If you don’t believe it, you’re anti-national

K is for Kim, Kanye, Kyle and the other celebrities

L is for Live streaming: so you’re a part of big stories

M is for Michelle: the Obama who is loved more

N is for Note: The phone that lost Samsung crores and crores

O is for Orange: In the United States, it’s the New Black

P is for Potter: The Cursed Child (was it good or did it face flak?)

Q is for Questions: For which answers we have none

R is for Russia: Because everyone assumes Putin’s scum

S is for Stars: Many left us in 2016 and are now shining bright

T is for Trump: Did America play its cards right?

U is for Ugly: What we feel about 2016 daily

V is for Virat: Or as fans say, Kohli, Kohli, Kohli!

W is for War: It gets murkier, will there be a WW III?

X is for X-travagent wedding: Money spent by Janardhan Reddy

Y is for Yolo: the mantra employed to survive

Z is for Zika: A virus that had a 2016 thrive