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A Demeaning and Humiliating System, Says House Panel Report on Sahayak System

New Delhi: After an Army jawan Roy Mathew, who appeared on a sting operation criticising Sahayak (Orderly) system is found dead in mysterious conditions, there have been calls from various quarters to disband the colonial system.

Many retired army officers and jawans have been calling for disbanding the ‘demeaning’ system in the Indian Army.

Meanwhile, Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrashekhar has said that he trusts the army to conduct a fair probe into Roy Mathew’s death.

“The army themselves needs to take a deep look and put a stop to this systems. Sahayaks are being used in positions that are not required.The army should also start a real debate on dismantling the sahayak system​,” said the MP.

He further said that the role of Sahayaks on the field during active combat is justified but not their roles during peace time at homes of officers.

Deployment of Sahayaks

– Sahayaks are authorised to officers and JCOs in the army when serving with units or headquarters functioning on war establishment.

The scale of authorisation

– One Sahayak for every field officer and above
– One Sahayak for every two officers of the rank of captain and below
– One for every Subedar Major
– One for every two JCOs of the rank of Subedar and below.

Source: Ministry of Defence written note to house panel

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House Panel on Shayak System

– It is “demeaning and humiliating” system

– The system “lowers the self-esteem of jawan.”

– “Soldiers are recruited for serving the nation, and not to serve the family members of officers in household work.”

– “Jawans are not technically supposed to attend to the household duties at the residence of the officers.”

– It’s a “shameful practice which should have no place in the independent india.”

– “Any officer found to be violating the instruction in this regard be dealt with severely.”

Source: Standing committee on Defence, 31st Report, 2008-09

First Published: March 3, 2017, 3:49 PM IST