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Mother of 11 pregnant for the 17th time in Maharashtra`s Beed


At a time when the Centre is inspiring people to have small families, the 17th pregnancy of a woman in Maharashtra’s Beed has left state health officials concerned.

Lankabai Kharat, a resident of Kaisapur village in Beed’s Majalgaon is 38-years-old and has already given birth to 11 children. She has also had five miscarriages over the past several years. She is now pregnant once again, for the 17th time. Not wanting to leave anything to chance, state health officials have rushed to the aid of Kharat and are providing her with every medical assistance that she is in need of. A team of state health officials have already carried out medical checks. Sonography has also been done and both the mother and the unborn child are doing well.

Kairat earns her livelihood by selling scrap and lives with her husband Maloji Kharat and their two sons and nine daughters. The pregant woman has now been admitted to a district hospital where she will be closely monitored until the child is born.

Source: Zee News