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Jewellery shop in Coimbatore robbed at gunpoint, employee helps masked men steal 4.5kg of gold

A jewellery shop was robbed at gun point at Raja Street in Coimbatore. It is estimated that gold worth Rs 1.35 crore was looted from the store in broad daylight. The store owner’s driver has allegedly been accused in the crime as well. 

According to the Jewellers’ association in the city, the robbery happened in an area famed for its ornament shops. The owner of the shop named Siddhi Private Limited, had reportedly left the store for lunch in the afternoon when the incident happened. Two employees including the accused driver named Riyazuddin were left to man the store. 

Soon after the owner left, the Jewellers’ association claims two masked men reportedly entered the store. “They along with Riyazuddin threatened the two women employees with a knife. They then made away with 4.5 kilos of gold,” said Muthu Venkatraman, the chief of the association. 

The thieves also disabled the CCTV cameras in the store, which has hindered the investigation. Police from the Variety Hall station are currently probing the case. 

Source: The News Minute