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Rotten food items found in base kitchen of Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express, samples sent to lab

GWALIOR: The Food Department officials on Sunday conducted raids at the base kitchen of the Delhi-Bhopal Shatabdi Express and took samples of the meals being prepared by using rotten food items for passengers. 

During the raids, the food department officials found that rotten items were being used to prepare meals for the passengers in the train’s base kitchen. It was also observed that the food was being prepared in unhygienic conditions.

The officials took several samples of rotten onion, paneer, pulses and spices stocked in the base kitchen, which were later sent for examination in the laboratory. 

At least 25 kilograms of rotten onions, stocked in the base kitchen, were immediately destroyed by the food Department officials. 

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The raids were conducted following several complaints of unhealthy food being served to the passengers onboard the Shatabdi Express.

Sharing more details, the officials said that if the samples seized during the raids are found to be contaminated, strict action will be taken against those who manage the base kitchen. 

The base kitchen of the premium train is managed by Vrinadvan Food Products, which provides meals to passengers from morning till late night.

Source: Zee News