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Defence to spend Rs 24, 000 crore on new construction technologies

New Delhi: Defence Ministry is going to push the usage of new construction technologies in a big way and a very large chunk of its total allocations for housing and other military infrastructure projects of Rs. 24, 000 crore would be used for adoption of pre cast and pre engineered structures, Major General Sanjeev Jain, Director General, Directorate General of Married Accommodation Project (DGMAP), Military Engineering Service (MES) said.

“Defence Ministry has allocated Rs. 24,000 crore for housing projects for three services personnel and other military infrastructures and 80 percent of this would be spend in making houses with the use of new construction technologies such as pre cast and pre engineered structures,” he said here on the sidelines of a conference, organized by Pre engineered Structures Society of India (PSI) on new construction materials and technologies.

“Under married accommodation project (MAP), 80,000 units would be constructed at 150 military stations across the country and with economy of scale these technologies would be major cost saving exercise along with quality housing for Defence personnel,” he added.

The Director General explained that military has been using pre fabricated structures since long and during Kargil war, bankers, roads and other strategic infrastructure were made of using new technologies.

He said that for permanent structures such as housing units, new technologies bring in quality and saves time and money. 

However, Major General said that for smaller units and temporary structures conventional materials and technologies are preferred.

For lesser number of units, DGMAP would prefer conventional materials and technologies, however for mega projects economy of scale would tempt the MES to go for new technologies, the Director General said.

Adding to this he said that if three stations are in a 50 to 100 km radius, then we can have a mega pre engineered material building unit to cater the need.

“DGMAP would encourage complete new technologies for construction of housing units, bankers, roads and other military infrastructures.

 Pre engineered and pre cast structures have strategic importance as well and can be used extensively in boarder areas,” Jain said.

The PSI aims to disseminate the knowledge of using various emerging construction technologies such as pre cast, composite construction, light gauge steel and insulated wall construction.

Underlining the importance of new construction technologies P Surya Prakash President PSI said, “Ambitious housing projects of the government including Prime Minister Awas Yojna (PMAY) can get big boost if the Centre and State governments provide tax relief to pre fabricated technologies. 

New construction technologies would bring in both quality and affordability.””Pre cast and pre engineered structures would increase house buildingcapacity of any implementing government agencies like DDA, NBCC, DGMAP (MES) and even private sector developers by five times. 

Presently 300 units are being built in the country per day and with the use of these construction technologies we can make 1500 units per day. This would enhance capacity and quality, reduce cost and save time,” he added.

Like the MES representative, DDA, NBCC and private developers also exuded confidence in new construction technologies in terms of affordability, time saving and quality. 

Source: Zee News