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Chhattisgarh villagers dig pit in riverbed to quench their thirst


Koriya: Villagers of Khadgawan ward in Chhattisgarh’s Koriya district walk up to 2 km and dig a pit in a dried up riverbed in a self-help initiative to quench their thirst because several water bodies have dried up due to the oppressive heat. 

People of Koriya district are going through a severe water crisis as all the ponds and rivers in the area have dried up and they are left high and dry. Despite repeated complaints to the district administration, not a single handpump has been installed to help the villagers.

Earlier, to find water, the villagers used to leave their houses early morning and roam around in search. A dug pit, which is about 2 km away from their block, is the only source of clean water for them now.

Villagers say that all the 50 people residing in the ward have voted regularly, yet no political leader has come to solve their crisis. The water problem has been haunting them for generations.

“The situation gets worse during summers and rains. We are forced to drink rainwater collected in the fields and get sick. But there is no other alternative,” a woman said.

On being asked about the prevailing situation in his ward, Dashrath Singh Rajput (SDM), Khadgawan, said that a detailed report has been asked for and appropriate action will be taken after that.

Source: Zee News