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Chennai police stations to have water bowls for thirsty animals and birds

In a heartwarming gesture amidst the blistering heat in Chennai, as many as 13 police stations in the city will soon have water bowls to quench the thirst of animals in the city. Almighty Animal Care Trust, a city-based animal rights and rescue organisation, has partnered with the Chennai police to distribute these cemented water bowls to help animals beat the heat.

Speaking to TNM, Sai Vignesh, Founder of Almighty Animal Care Trust, says, “Summer is a difficult time for animals– whether they are cows, dogs, cats or birds. Temperatures are rising and we carry water with us and are able to quench our thirst. However, animals don’t won’t be able to find a source and they can’t even ask. Due to lack of access to water, they end up suffering and at times, die due to dehydration.”

Sai Vignesh says that he approached the Deputy Commissioner of Police at the Flower Bazaar, and he readily agreed to implement the initiative across police stations in the range.

Speaking to TNM, P Aravindhan, Deputy Commissioner of Police, Flower Bazaar, says that the move was important since many police stations are home to strays of late, especially at night.

“It’s summer and the animals will find it difficult without water in the scorching heat. At night, we usually see dogs and a few cats straying into the police stations for shelter. So we accepted this initiative from the Animal Care team. Over the next few days, we will be distributing the water bowls to all police stations in the Flower Bazaar range. It would be helpful for these animals if they can just have a sip of water,” he says.

The bright green water bowls, made of cement and lime, are durable and help keep the heat off, Sai Vignesh says. “Keeping water bowls is really important. I hope this encourages more people to keep water bowls,” he adds.

Source: The News Minute