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Godse remark: AIADMK mouthpiece carries derogatory piece on Kamal, gets slammed

AIADMK mouthpiece ‘Namadhu Amma’ has published a derogatory article on Makkal Needhi Maiam chief Kamal Haasan, terming him mentally ill and calling for a ban on his party. The editorial piece published on Tuesday, further accused the actor-turned-politician of promoting enmities based on religion and caste through his films. This latest criticism from the AIADMK comes after Kamal Haasan alleged that India’s first extremist was Nathuram Godse, a Hindu.

The piece published on Wednesday carries a controversial title – ‘Polikaalaiku Puriyama…Punidhamikka Hindu Dharmam’ which roughly translates to ‘Will a stud bull understand the purity of the Hindu Dharma’. Under it, in an effort to clearly hit below the belt, is a picture of Kamal Haasan embracing his daughter Shruthi Haasan. The editorial in its very first line makes it clear that this is in response to Kamal’s statement on Godse and accuses the actor of dividing society with his cinema. 

“In one movie he comments on god, in another he instigates a fight between Shaivites and Vaishnavites and in the next film he makes it look like terrorism is only seen amongst the Muslim community,” reads the article referring to his films such as Dasavatharam and Viswaroopam. “For his personal gain, he instigates communities and creates problem between people. The Election Commission should ban this ‘Makkal Aneedhi Maiam’ led by this mentally ill man immediately,” it appeals. 

It further accused Kamal Haasan of tainting a platform like cinema which actors like MG Ramachandran who is the founder of AIADMK, used to spread good messages. The AIADMK mouthpiece attacks Kamal’s politics and demands an apology for his statement on Godse. 

The article alleges, “He acts like a socialist one day and a Periyarist on another. He acts like a believer, as an Avataram and then as an aethist. He has played several roles and this mental man who tours Tamil Nadu has become a complete villain. He must immediately apologise for talking derogatorily about the Hindu religion.”

Copies of the article have been widely circulated on social media and the mouth piece is facing immense criticism for its sexual insinuations in the editorial piece. 

Sickening piece in AIADMK mouthpiece Namadhu Amma against Kamal Haasan. Downright vile.

— K Balakumar (@kbalakumar) May 15, 2019

When politicians need to get back with each other they need to drag the women in their families – be it daughter, wife, sister or the mother.

Remember who they are the next time they wax eloquently about women’s rights and women’s safety. #TheyAreAllTheSame

— Chinmayi Sripaada (@Chinmayi) May 15, 2019

Both BJP and AIADMK leaders have made their displeasure clear regarding Kamal’s statement with a Tamil Nadu minister even suggesting that his tongue be cut off. But netizens believe, this latest editorial is vulgar and salacious in nature. 

This is in the front page of AIADMK’s mouth piece. Namadhu Amma. @ikamalhaasan with his daughter. The article implies of an incestual relationship. Disgusting.
This is what hindutva has done to tamilnadu.

— கருப்பன்வீரா (@sinceeighties) May 15, 2019

Today’s editorial of ADMK’s mouthpiece ‘ #NamadhuAmma’

It calls #Kamalhaasan as ‘மனநோயாளி’ and ‘முத்திய பைத்தியக்காரன்’

Using a image of Father kissing a daughter for this title is clearly mischievious and highly [email protected]

— Naveen Surendar (@NaveenSurendar) May 15, 2019

Namadhu AMMA Mouth Piece of EPSOPS is getting Low like Murasoli; Publishing Third Rated Articles. Undoubtedly Kamal has to be Punished for his Fierce religious Comments but personal Attack is Something to be ashamed off

— Bharathan (@ImBharathan) May 15, 2019

Source: The News Minute