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‘Modi’s tenure as Gujarat CM a black spot’: Mayawati hits back at PM

Countering Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s claim that he had been the chief minister of Gujarat for a longer tenure than she had been at the helm of Uttar Pradesh, Bahujan Samaj Party chief Mayawati on Wednesday said that PM Modi’s legacy is “a black spot ”not only on the BJP but also the country.

“When the BSP was in power, Uttar Pradesh was free of riots and anarchy,” the BSP supremo said in Lucknow.

“The prime minister does not hesitate from calling BSP, ‘Behenji ki Sampatti Party’. Whatever the national president of BSP has, it has been given by well-wishers and the society and nothing is hidden from the government,” Mayawati added. She said the prime minister had crossed all limits of decency in calling the BSP her “personal property”.

A day earlier, the BSP chief had said, “Modi government’s ship is sinking” keeping up her attack on the prime minister.

“Prime Minister Modi government’s ship is sinking; even the RSS has stopped supporting them. In view of unfulfilled election promises and the public agitation, their swayamsevaks are not being seen putting in the work, it has made PM Modi nervous,” the BSP supremo had tweeted.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister had accused Mayawati of “shedding crocodile tears” over the gang rape of a19-year-old woman in Rajasthan’s Alwar and had also dared her party to withdraw support from the Congress government in Rajasthan.

The two political leaders have been attacking each other over alleged atrocities on Dalits for some time now.

First Published:
May 15, 2019 13:09 IST

Source: HindustanTimes