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‘Do whatever you can’: In Gujarat, PM says he called Pak’s N-attack bluff

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday fired a salvo at both Pakistan and the Congress party while addressing a rally at Surendranagar in Gujarat’s Saurashtra region.

In his address, Modi said, “Our neighbor (Pakistan)… export of terrorism is its only occupation. The country’s condition deteriorated due to the indecisiveness of the Congress government. One after another problems sprang up, but they could not offer any solution. We changed the policies and went ahead with conviction. Today, in Jammu and Kashmir, we take action against those who try to ignite the fire.”

He added, “Earlier, Pakistani terrorists used to come and go. Pakistan used to threaten us, it used to say we have a nuclear bomb and we will press the button. I want to say we have double the nuclear capacity. I say (to Pakistan), do whatever you can.”

He further said, “Earlier, India used to cry foul to the world whenever Pakistan threatened us. But now Pakistan will cry. Didn’t our soldiers attack them inside their homes? You tell me, should we break into the houses and beat them or should we sit idle? Shouldn’t we take revenge for each and every martyr soldier?”

Addressing the crowd, Modi added, “Today is Mahavir Jayanti. Today we should celebrate peace. But when can we have peace? You need to show your power to maintain peace in the world. If you are weak, then no one will let you be in peace.”

Lashing out at the Congress, PM Modi said, “Congress calls India’s army chief a street goon. It calls the air chief a liar. Don’t you think such talk will make Pakistan happy? The Congress is asking for proof of the air-strike. Now, do you have faith in Indian soldiers or in the Pakistan’s statements?.”

Delivering a nearly 20-minute long speech in Gujarati, Modi said, “You need a strong leadership to run the country. The country needs majboot (strong) government and not majboor (helpless) government.”

“The Congress party’s special adviser (Sam Pitroda), who frequently comes from the US, made a statement – middle class is selfish. It should be taxed to run the country. The Congress plans to break the back of the middle class. On the other side, the BJP has increased the income tax exemption limit to Rs 5 lakh,” Modi said.

First Published:
Apr 17, 2019 19:29 IST

Source: HindustanTimes