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Rajasthan BJP MP, who got more votes than PM Modi, fails to develop his village


Jaipur BJP MP Ramcharan Bohra, who surpassed Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s record in getting the maximum number of votes in the 2014 Lok Sabha election, has failed to stand up to the expectations of the people of his adopted village – Bhapura in Sanganer district. He was the first MP to have received the highest number of votes across the country.

Bhapura village was adopted by Bohra under the Adarsh ​​Gram Yojana and an investigation by Zee Media reveals that no development work has been carried out there in the last five years. 

Despite being provided with land by the people, Bohra has failed to construct a hospital in the village. He had also laid the foundation stone of the hospital, but still, the people have to travel 40 kilometres if there is a medical emergency.

Moreover, there is lack of a proper education institution and neither do the people get safe drinking water. The transport system too is in a state of shambles. The bus services which were earlier available has now been stopped. 

While speaking to Zee Media, the villagers alleged that though Bohra has adopted the village, he has never visited the place. 

When BJP released the list of the party’s candidates for the 2019 national election, Bohra, who was retained by the party said, “The party once again showed faith in me and it was because of the works I did for the constituency and the party workers. My victory was with the highest number of votes last time and I hope the same win this time also.” 

Source: Zee News