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When PM Narendra Modi met his `lookalike` and started laughing – See Pics

Mumbai: Vikas Mahante. who is acting in a semi-fictional feature film Modi ka Gaon, based on the PM’s rural development scheme and who resembles Prime Minister Narendra Modi says that there was a ‘celebrity touch’ in his now. 

Hailing from Mumbai’s Malad locality, the 52-year-old Mahante has been campaigning for Shiv Sena and BJP in Mumbai for some time now. He accompanies the candidates and waves at the crowd. 

In  an interview with Hindustan Times, Mahante says – “There’s a celebrity touch that’s there now. Whenever I step out, people crowd around me. Some want to take a selfie, others want an autograph with PM Modi’s signature…

When asked if he had ever met PM Modi in person, he replies – “It was in 2014 before the Lok Sabha election when I got to meet him in Gandhinagar. He was the CM (of Gujarat) and had a huge clout even then and was much talked about. The public was as excited as they are today to see him and hear him talk. Actually, for the 2012 Vidhan Sabha elections in Gujarat, I campaigned for Ramanbhai Patkar in Umbergaon town of Gujarat’s Valsad district. After he was elected with 28,000 votes, he told Modi ji, ‘There’s someone who looks like you and he campaigned for me.’ Later, I got a call from Patkar that he’s fixed a date, time and an appointment for me to meet Modi ji. I went along with five friends from the BJP. After Patkar introduced me to Modi ji, he looked at me from head to toe and started laughing. He rarely smiles, but he gave me his biggest smile. He asked me, ‘Lok Sabha elections hain, kuch planning kiya hai prachar ka?’ I said, ‘Zarur kiya hai. Zor shor se kaam karenge.” I also remember giving Modi ji a shawl.”

He adds in the interview to HT – “Unfortunately, that was the first and last time I met Modi ji. I couldn’t meet him after he became the Prime Minister. I really want to meet him again…

On being asked whether he does anything special to maintain his looks and weight to continue looking like PM Modi, Mahante says, – “My weight is slightly less than that of Modi ji, so I am trying to maintain that. Also, whenever I am watching TV and if I see Modi ji, I stop right there and study his way of talking, facial expressions and body language. I try hard to imitate him in the best possible ways…

Earlier, he has done a cameo in Farah Khan’s movie Happy New Year (2014). Mahante has also done a couple of reality shows such as India’s Got Talent.

Modi ka Gaon film is being directed by Tushar Amrish Goel.

Source: Zee News