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RSS pays for 6.5 lakh pants via cheque

Cashless? No problem. That’s the attitude the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) exuded as it settled the bill for an order of 6.5 lakh pants entirely in cheque. Not only that, the resulting Rs 19 lakh due in sales tax was all settled in cheque by the Sangh, sending a firm message to black money hoarders and demonetization doubters, that going cashless was not really a problem.

“The RSS does not go in for any transaction other than the regular day-to-day expenditure of the Pracharaks so we faced no problem after the decision to demonetize old currency was announced,” said RSS Akhil Bharatiya Prachar Pramukh Manmohan Vaidya.

Vaidya also stated that training exercises were also underway for the cadre and senior pracharaks to help them better understand how to conduct digital transactions. He also pointed out that RSS Pracharaks or offices handle very little cash which is why the Sangh was not much affected with the decision to demonetize currency.

The 6.5 lakh pants were ordered over four months ago, when the Sangh had taken the momentous decision to shed their shorts for khakhi brown full pants.

More than four months ago in July 2016, the RSS gave orders to 3-4 mills from Bhilwada to make 13 lakh meters of cloth.

Vaidya revealed that while the RSS had sent three lakh meters of cloth outside Maharashtra so that the pants would be stitched at respective places, the RSS on its own had used the remaining cloth to make 6.5 lakh full pants which were stitched by giving the orders to the tailors.

As a result of this, the RSS were able to conduct the Vijayadashami Sanchalan or march in Dussehra in October this year, in their changed attire of full pants, instead of the traditional half pants.

Apart from the RSS, Vaidya said that he believed that demonetization was for the good of the people and generally it was being seen as a positive move.

“I have been getting feedback from a cross section of society which says that they are happy about the decision to demonetize currency.”