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Rahul Gandhi`s aide Sam Pitroda says Pulwama-type attacks happen all the time, wrong to blame Pakistan


New Delhi: Congress president Rahul Gandhi’s close confidant and Chief of Indian Overseas Congress Sam Pitroda on Friday raked up the much-talked-about Indian Air Force-conducted airstrike on Jaish-e-Mohammad terror camp in Balakot. Raising question on the Centre’s claim, Pitroda asked if at all the aerial operation killed as many as 300 terrorists.

The Congressman cited instances of global media and added, “If you say 300 people were killed, we all need to know that, all Indians need to know that. Then comes the global media which says nobody was killed, I look bad as an Indian citizen.”

#WATCH Sam Pitroda,Indian Overseas Congress Chief, says, “8 people(26/11 terrorists) come&do something, you don’t jump on entire nation(Pakistan).Naive to assume that just because some people came &attacked,every citizen of that nation is to be blamed.I don’t believe in that way”

— ANI (@ANI) March 22, 2019

Pitroda recalled the ghastly 26/11 Mumbai terror attack and said, “Eight people (26/11 terrorists) came and do something, you don’t jump on the entire nation (Pakistan). Naive to assume that just because some people came and attacked, every citizen of that nation is to be blamed. I don’t believe in that way.”

His comments come days after the IAF airstrike which had come as a retaliation to the dastardly February 14 Pulwama attack that claimed lives of at least 40 CRPF personnel.

Source: Zee News