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Emotional family reunion for Chinese veteran stranded in India for over 50 years

Shaanxi: Wang Qi, a Chinese veteran who was stranded in India for over 50 years, was reunited with his family in Shaanxi in China recently.

According to reports, 78-year-old Wang Qi arrived in China on Saturday along with his son, daughter-in-law and grandson where he was greeted by the Chinese Foreign Ministry officials.

Wang was working along the border while serving in the Chinese Army after the Sino-India war in 1963 when he lost his way in the forest. He crossed into India where he was captured by the Indian Red Cross and handed over to the Indian Army.

Wang was sentenced to seven years imprisonment for espionage and once he was released, he was relocated to a remote village in southern India and told to start a new life there.

He reportedly tried to return to China but the Indian government never granted him citizenship, which prevented him from securing travel documents.

Media scrutiny of his story and a nephew who visited him in 2009 helped secure the necessary documents for Wang to travel back to his homeland. The reunion was timed around the Lunar New Year celebrations in China.

Wang’s son Vishnu Wang said his father was overcome with emotion when he saw his siblings again after flying to Xianyang International Airport from Beijing.

“My father met with his family for the first time after 54 years,” said Vishnu. “He couldn’t stop crying.”

Wang was tearfully greeted by more than 60 relatives, friends and former comrades at the local airport.

The family said they plan on visiting Wang’s mother’s grave. Although, he spoke to her over the phone in 2002, he did not get a chance to see her before she passed away in 2006.

Wang’s wife and other children stayed behind in India due to health concerns, but he is reportedly considering relocating his family to China where he wants to spend the remaining years of his life.

Watch Wang Qi’s touching reunion with his family here. 

#WATCH: Xianyang (China): Chinese veteran reunites with family after getting lost and trapped in India for over 50 years.

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Source: Zee News