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Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh awarded Kriti Chakra posthumously by President Ram Nath Kovind


President Ram Nath Kovind on Thursday presented Gallantry Awards and Distinguished Service Decorations at the Defence Investiture Ceremony held at Rashtrapati Bhavan.

The President decorate Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh of Rajput Regiment with Kirti Chakra posthumously.

On November 2017, a cordon and search operation was launched by the army at a village in Jammu and Kashmir after input that three terrorists were hiding in the village. Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh was deployed in the inner cordon. Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh successfully cleared two houses and then he moved ahead to clear the adjacent cowshed with his fellow rifleman. As soon as he entered the completely dark cowshed he came under heavy fire from three different directions. Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh retaliated immediately without thinking anything about his own safety. All three terrorists started firing at him and Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh displayed his bravery by providing cover fire and an opportunity to his fellow rifleman to extricate himself out of the cowshed. He also kept the three terrorists engaged thus preventing their escape out of cowshed. In the ensuing firefight, he sustained bullet injuries on his chest and legs. Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh got grievously wounded in the gunfire but he continued to dominate and engage the terrorists, which led to neutralization of one terrorist and injuring of another.

The exceptional bravery displayed by Sepoy Vrahma Pal Singh helped in saving the life of his fellow rifleman and neutralization of two Pakistani terrorists. He made the supreme sacrifice for the nation in line with highest traditions of Indian Army.

Source: Zee News