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5th ODI: Jadhav and Bhuvi perish; Aus inch closer to victory

21:13  Brilliant Australia rout India to clinch ODI series 3-2: 

India 237-all out (50 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Cummins concedes just two singles in his final over to finish with brilliant figures of two for 38 in 10 overs.

The two teams just going through the motions India need 45 runs from two overs for victory.

Shami swings his bat but gets a leading edge and is caught by Richardson who takes a good running catch on the off-side.

A superb showing with the ball for Australia as they stand just one wicket away from an unbelievable comeback victory in the series.

A good outing with the ball for Richardson, who picks up two for 47 in his 10 overs.

43 needed from six balls for victory, even six sixes won’t do it for India. Kuldeep pulls the first ball over midwicket for a four followed by wide and the left-hander plays the same shot, this time just for one.

Stoinis ends the match in grand style, bowling Kuldeep for eight as India are sent packing for 237 to lose by 35 runs.

21:02  Jadhav and Bhuvi perish; Aus inch closer to victory: 

India 226-8 (47 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar makes room and steers Cummins fine on the off-side for a four before the pacer bowls a wide.

He taps the next ball to point for one before Jadhav clips a full delivery to deep square leg for two runs and then pulls the next for one.

Cummins then deceives Bhuvneshwar with the slower ball who tries to hit it down the ground but miscues it and is caught by Finch, who backpedals at mid-off and settles under the catch.

Bhuvneshwar walks back for a good innings of 46 as India are reduced to 223 for seven in 46 overs, needing 50 runs from four overs for victory.

Richardson ends India’s hopes with the wicket of Jadhav in the next over. The right-hander, who made 44, pulls a short ball but is caught by Maxwell at deep midwicket as Australia inch closer to victory.

India are 226 for eight in 47 overs needing another 47 runs in three overs for victory.

20:49  Jadhav, Bhuvneshwar keep India in the hunt: 

India 214-6 (45 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar drives Zampa straight back as the spinner fails to collect it on his follow through and gives away a single.

The next ball is ripper, as it turns and bounces sharply beating Jadhav all ends up.

The third ball is a full toss which Jadhav taps on the leg side for one before Bhuvneshwar slog sweeps Zampa for a six over midwicket.

He picks a single off the next as Zampa goes for nine in his final over to finish with three for 46 in 10 overs.

Cummins comes back into the attack. A single each to Bhuvi and Jadhav before the former makes room and has a huge swing but is beaten before he takes one on the leg side.

A good over from Cummins as he gives away just four runs in his eighth over as the asking rate goes over 11.

Richardson is back into the attack. Jadhav pulls the first ball to fine leg for a single before Bhuvneshwar launches a slower delivery back over the bowler’s head for a straight six.

He has another swing but ends up chipping it to the left of the fast bowler, who is unable to get down in time and take the low catch.

10 runs from the over as India reach 214 for six in 45 overs, needing another 59 runs from five overs for victory.

20:35  Jadhav keeps India in the hunt: 

India 191-6 (42 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Richardson strays down the leg side as Jadhav glances it fine for a four and keeps strike with one from the last ball.

In the next over, Jadhav decides to target part-timer Maxwell as he comes down the track and smashes the first ball straight for a boundary.

A single on the leg side before Bhuvneshwar steers a wide ball past point for another four.

India are 178 for six in 40 overs, needing 95 runs from 10 overs for victory at 9.5 per over.

Zampa, who has two overs in hand, comes back. Jadhav pulls the first ball to deep square leg for a single before Bhuvi slaps the third ball to sweeper cover for one, followed by two more singles.

The run rate has gone above the 10 per over mark.

Jadhav keeps India’s hopes alive as he slog sweeps Maxwell over midwicket for a six to take his score to 35. He turns the next ball to midwicket with soft hands and comes back for two runs.

That six has brought the Kotla crowd back to life but India need to keep getting the boundaries and stay in touch with the asking rate.

India are 191 for six in 42 overs, needing another 82 runs from eight overs for victory.

20:22  Zampa’s double strike leaves India in a mess: 

India 163-6 (38 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Cummins gets Bhuvneshwar to edge one but it flies past wicketkeeper Carey for a boundary followed by singles from the last two balls of the over.

Lyon has a stumping appeal down the leg side to Jadhav as Carey whips off the bails in a flash but the batsman’s feet were firmly grounded.

A couple of singles off the next two deliveries as the asking rate goes over the eight per over mark with 112 needed from 14 overs for victory.

Pacer Richardson is back into the attack. Bhuvneshwar hits the second ball through the covers for a couple before he defends the rest of the over.

Lyon has been exceptional with the ball today, bowling on a good line and length. He ends his spell with a maiden over, to finish with impressive figures of one for 34 in 10 overs.

20:03  Zampa’s double strike leaves India in a mess: 

India 151-6 (34 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Maxwell bowls a rare loose delivery as Jadhav glances it fine down the leg side for a four.

The crowd at the Feroz Shah Kotla have had enough and some are already making their way home.

What a stunning comeback from Australia! They were on the verge of losing the series after losing the first two games but showed great resolve to win the next two games and sit in firm control in the series decider.

Just a single from Zampa’s eighth over with Bhuvneshwar taking one from the fourth delivery on the leg side after three dot balls in a row.

Lyon comes back into the attack. He drops it short as Jadhav rocks back and cuts it behind point for a four followed by two singles.

Zampa, who has taken three for 33 in eight overs, gets a rest as pacer Cummins is called back into the attack.

Jadhav cuts the third ball but only for a single as Zampa at thirdman rushes to his right and gets the ball back quickly to deny the second.

Jadhav defends the last two balls as Cummins concedes just three singles in the over.

Lyon continues as singles come from the first two deliveries before Bhuvneshwar blocks the rest of the over.

19:50  Zampa’s double strike leaves India in a mess: 

India 132-6 (29 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Things getting difficult for India as the Australian spinners are stringing some tight overs in the middle to further create pressure on Rohit and the lower order.

Maxwell concedes just a single in his third over for a total of just 10 runs conceded in three overs.

Zampa gets third time lucky against Rohit, who chips down the track but is beaten in the flight and stumped for 56.

Zampa again strikes three balls later with the wicket of Jadeja, who is beaten all ends up by the googly and he is also stumped for a duck courtesy of some quick glove work from Carey.

A double wicket maiden for Zampa, who has taken three for 32 in seven overs, to leave India on the brink as they are reduced to 132 for six in 29 overs.

19:38  Shankar out for 16; India in trouble: 

India 131-4 (27 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Zampa gives it some air and Shankar out of nowhere lofts it back over the bowler’s head as it carries all the way for a six to release some pressure.

Zampa drops short as Shankar pulls the next ball but ends up miscuing it on the leg side with Khawaja taking a good catch at long-on running to his right.

Shankar walks back for 16 to leave India in trouble on 120 for four in the 25th over.

Rohit, on 52, gets a lifeline as wicketkeeper Carey puts down the edge as Zampa gets it to turn sharply.

Kedar Jadhav brings some smiles back among the fans as he punches the last ball through the covers for a four.

Rohit, on 53, gets another lifeline in the next over as Maxwell puts down a straightforward chance in the covers and again it is Zampa, who sees the catch go down — the second time against Rohit.

19:25  Rohit hits half-century to steady India: 

India 114-3 (24 ovs) vs Aus 272-9 | Scorecard

Rohit taps Zampa to the covers and takes a quick single to bring up India’s 100, in the 21st over.

Singles off the next two deliveries before Rohit steers a wide delivery behind point for a couple of runs.

A single to Rohit off Lyon in the next over helps the India vice-captain bring up his 8000 runs in ODIs, the eighth Indian to achieve the landmark.

It is only singles at the moment for India with Rohit and Shankar looking to keep the scoreboard ticking with regular singles.

Part-timer Glenn Maxwell comes into the attack. A single to Rohit off the fourth ball helps the Indian opener bring up his fifty from 73 balls.

The asking rate is just over the six runs per over mark and both Rohit and Shankar will be looking to continue their steady approach for the next few overs and then analyse their tactics after the 30-over mark.

19:13  Pant out for 16; India 3 down: 

The onus now rests on Rohit, who is batting well on 38 from 54 balls, to guide home to victory in the series-deciding ODI.

Shankar comes forward to defend with the bat and ball close to each other but Australia appeal for leg before wicket which is turned down.

Zampa drops short but Shankar can’t make most pulling it to deep midwicket for just a single before Rohit takes one off the last ball.

Rohit decides to break the shackles as he comes down the track and lofts Lyon but only for one to long-on and Shankar picks up an easy run to the same fielder.

Two more singles as India reach 98 for three in 20 overs, needing another 175 runs for victory in 30 overs.

Rohit has batted well to score 42 from 62 balls, while Shankar has made three.

Source: Rediff