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Sasikala's warning? Says will do 'what is required' after a point, seeks meet with Governor

In the latest developments in the hotbed of Tamil Nadu politics, VK Sasikala has written a letter to the governor asking him to act quickly in the interest of political ethics. She has also requested him to meet her and the MLAs who have pledged support to her.

Speaking to supporters at Poes Garden, Sasikala said, “No one can shake our fort. Amma ran this party with many challenges. We will do the same. We are not going to be scared of anything. Legally, democratically, we will do everything.”

Sasikala also issued a warning: “We can only be patient for a while. After that, we will get together and do what is needed.”

Referring to the OPS group, she said, “Whoever attempts to divide us will destroy themselves. We will win.”

She went on to say, “1.5 crore cadre have been left by Amma. A few people’s fames will not be able to do anything. I will keep safe the party.”

Recalling Jayalalithaa, she said, “After Thalaivar, there was Puratchi Thalaivi amma, she saved the party desite challenges. The result of that is that the AIADMK is the third largest party in India.”

“Amma is now still with us. She is showing us the traitors in our midst,” Sasikala claimed. 
“1.5 crore carde are with us, the people who want to split us will not succeed.”

Earlier on Saturday, School Education Minister Ma Foi Pandiarajan had tweeted that he would listen to the will of the people and take a decision. Some time later, he met caretaker CM O Panneerselvam at his residence to pledge support. 

Interestingly, Pandiarajan had lashed out against OPS when the latter rebelled against the Sasikala camp and claimed that he wanted to take his resignation back. Two MPs have also come forward to pledge support for OPS.

There has been much mystery about the MLAs and there whereabouts with reports suggesting that the Sasikala camp was closely guarding the AIADMK MLAs to prevent anyone from crossing over to the OPS camp. 

Late on Friday night, a three page report supposedly from the Governor was leaked to the media. The report suggested that the Governor may not consider Sasikala to be eligible for the post of TN CM. The Governor’s office later denied that the report came from his office. 

Source: The News Minute