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One-off Test: Shakib, Rahim take Bangladesh past 200

13:23  Shakib, Rahim take Bangladesh past 200:  

B’desh 210-4 (60 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Shakib not holding back as he hits Yadav for a couple of boundaries through the off-side to continue the flow of runs.

Jadeja is called back into the attack, replacing Ashwin, who was gone wicketless in 11 overs so far.

He starts with a maiden before Ashwin switches to the other end. Rahim gives him the charge but mishits the attempted lofted shot and gets just two runs.

In his next over, Ashwin bowls a beauty to Shakib, beating him comprehensively off the outside edge. India appeal for a catch off the inside edge and pads against Shakib which the umpires refer upstairs but the ball has bounced before it was caught so the batsman survives.

Shakib keeping his aggressive approach going against Ashwin as he smashes him over mid-off for another boundary to take his score to 80, having hit 14 fours so far.

Meanwhile, Rahim goes back and steers a short ball from Jadeja through the vacant thirdman region a four to take Bangladesh to 210 for four in 60 overs.


B’desh 184-4 (54 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Interestingly, Ashwin has gone 52 overs without a wicket, having failed to pick up a single wicket in the second innings of the fifth and final Test against England in Chennai.

Rahim survives a close run out call as he was a bit sluggish while going for a quick single to mid-on. He dived at the end but his bat seems to have gone up in the air as the wicketkeeper took off the bails. There was a lot of doubt and not surprising the benefit of doubt went to the batsman. Interestingly, a couple of commentators on air believed that was out but not third umpire Chris Gaffaney.

India’s best bowler of the day, Umesh, comes back into the attack. Shakib takes a single from the first ball before Rahim hits a short ball through the covers but Pujara does well to stop it inside the ropes and keep it down to three.

A short ball is tucked off his hips through square leg by Shakib before he takes a single off the last ball.

Ashwin has not made much of an impression so far and Bangladesh are playing him confidently.

Rahim plays a nice drive through the covers off Yadav, who then beats him with a cracker — incoming delivery which goes right through him.

Shakib continues his positive approach as he comes down to Ashwin and hammers him straight down the ground for a four.

Rahim also gives Ashwin the charge and plays a nice flowing drive through the covers for another boundary and he paddles the last ball for a couple to make it 11 from the over.

12:32  Shakib hits half-century to rally Bangladesh:  

B’desh 155-4 (48 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Ashwin to start off proceedings after the lunch break. Shakib turns the first ball on the leg side for a single before Rahim defends the rest of the over.

Bhuvneshwar called into the attack. He starts with a full delivery which Shakib drives through the covers for a four but is beaten off the next ball as he fishes at a wide outgoing delivery.

He edges the next ball but this time it goes along the ground past the slips for the second four of the over.

Shakib again plays a nice drive through the covers off Bhuvi for a four before he steers the fifth ball past the slips for another boundary.

In the next over, he comes down the track and smashes Ashwin through the covers for a thumping boundary to bring up his fifty in some style, from 69 balls. It has been a good counter-attacking knock from the left-hander, having hit 10 fours in his half-century.


11:39  India in control, Bangladesh reduced to 125-4 at lunch:  


B’desh 125-4 (43 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Another session which has been dominated by India as Bangladesh are reduced to 125 for four in 43 overs at the lunch interval.

Umesh bowled a superb spell, got the ball to reverse and troubled all the Bangladesh batsmen. He claimed the wicket of Haque, who was trapped leg before wicket, for good figures of two for 32 in 11 overs.

Ishant got a wicket in his first over on Day 3 as he got Mahmudullah LBW for 28.

Bangladesh had suffered an early jolt in the morning session when Tamim Iqbal was run out for 24.

India would be hoping to continue their fine showing with the ball and bowl out Bangladesh cheaply after lunch on the third day.


B’desh 125-4 (43 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Shakib taking too many chances and that’s not a sensible ploy considering the circumstances. He heaves Jadeja across the line over the square leg region for a boundary but India certainly won’t mind that as it gives them a chance to pick up another wicket.

He comes down the track but is beaten and is hit on the pads but the LBW appeal is turned down.

Finally, Jadeja gets a break as Ashwin comes into the attack, to bowl the 24th over of the day.

Shakib looking to use his feet against Ashwin but can’t get the ball away as he plays out a maiden over.

India looking to build the pressure on Bangladesh, especially Shakib, who is itching to break free and hit a a few boundaries.

Ishant bowls a good over, another maiden, to Mushfiqur Rahim as the pressure continues to build.

Meanwhile, Ashwin has a confident shout for LBW turned down against Shakib and India take the DRS. But the ball is spinning away and missing the stumps which means the decisions goes against India as they lose their second review.

Rahim gets off the mark, from the 15th ball he faces, with a push through the covers off Ishant. He awkwardly fends off a short ball directed at his body as it strikes his thigh pads and goes fine on the leg side for four leg byes.

However, two balls later he ramps a short ball over the wicketkeeper for a four.

Bangladesh’s two senior most players, Shakib and Rahim, ensure no further damage as they take their team to lunch at 125 for four in 43 overs.


11:03  Mahmudullah out for 28, India in control:  

B’desh 109-4 (35 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Terrific bowling from Umesh as he gets a few deliveries to come in to Shakib before producing one which goes away and the batsmen is caught fishing as he nearly gets an outside edge.

Shakib drives a full delivery but can’t beat the fielder at mid-off before Umesh ends the over with another beautiful outswinger which beats the left-hander yet again.

After another maiden over from Jadeja, to Mahmudullah, Umesh continues torment Shakib, who has no clue as to which way the ball is swinging. The outswinger has beaten him a few times but he has so far been lucky not to get the edge.

Mahmudullah flicks Jadeja on the leg side for a couple before he slog sweeps the next ball over midwicket for a four. That was a risky shot and India won’t mind Bangladesh batsmen going for their shots.

Jadeja gets Shakib to edge one as it goes wide of the slips for a couple.

Kohli gives Umesh a deserved rest after a superb spell of six overs as he brings in Ishant for his first bowl on the third day.

He strikes in his very first over with the wicket of Mahmudullah, who is trapped leg before wicket for 28. The right-hander is beaten by the incoming delivery from Ishant as the umpire rules it out LBW. Mahmudullah goes for the DRS but it stays with the umpire’s decision.

Bangladesh’s top order have all perished after getting away to starts as they are reduced to 109 for four in 35 overs.

10:41  Bangladesh struggle after early wickets, India on top:  

B’desh 93-3 (30 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Shakib shows his positive intent as he flays a full delivery from Umesh over the point region for a four.

Umesh bounces back with a beauty as he again gets some reverse going past the left-hander’s outside edge. The next ball is again unplayable as Umesh continues to get good late movement and again Shakib is all at sea.

Meanwhile, Jadeja bowls a tight over to Mahmudullah, who looks keen to break free but has been kept quiet so far.

A good spell from Umesh, testing Shakib, who is again struck on the pads but the LBW appeal is turned down with the ball slipping down the leg side.

The next ball is pitched right up as Shakib drives it through the covers for a four. Two balls later Mahmudullah steers it past the slips for another boundary.

The first hour has once again belonged to India as Bangladesh struggle to 87 for three in 29 overs.

Shakib drives Jadeja through the covers for a couple before he loses patience following four dot balls. He smashes one straight back as Jadeja is unable to take a sharp return catch despite getting his hands to it and watches it go past mid-off for a four.

Shakib has raced to 19 from 20 balls while Mahmudullah is on 17 as Bangladesh reach 93 for three in 30 overs.


10:20  Yadav claims 2nd wicket, Bangladesh in trouble:  

B’desh 72-3 (25 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Good first delivery from Umesh to new batsman Mahmudullah, who is forced to poke at it but is beaten before he manages to see off the rest of the over.

In the next over, Bhuvneshwar creates a half chance as Haque goes for the pull which just about goes over Pujara at midwicket, who nearly got his finger tips to it but it goes over for a four.

Mahmudullah gets off the mark with a straight boundary as he drives Ishant straight down the ground, beating the dive from Ishant at mid-on.

Bhuvneshwar has a close shout for LBW turned down against Mahmudullah as India take the DRS but the ball is clipping the outside of leg stump and it stays with the umpire’s decision.

India introduce spin as Ravindra Jadeja comes into the attack. Haque cuts the first ball through the off-side for a couple of runs before he takes a single.

Yadav getting some reverse going. Mahmudullah goes for the big drive through the off-side but is beaten by the movement. However, the next ball is short as Mahmudullah steers it past the slips for a four.

In the next over, Haque is beaten by a superb delivery from Jadeja but the umpire turns it down and India wonder about taking the DRS but eventually decide against it.

However, Umesh gets the much needed breakthrough as Haque misses a straight delivery and is struck on the backfoot to be leg before wicket for 12.

Veteran left-hander Shakib Al Hasan is beaten off the very first delivery. This time Umesh gets it to leave the left-hander, who has a poke but misses.

He then gets one to jag in sharply as Shakib is beaten and the huge shout for LBW is turned down. The Indians have a small meeting but decide against the DRS due to the point of impact which is a bit high.

A full toss helps Shakib get off the mark with a boundary through the off-side before he ducks under a short ball to end a terrific over from Umesh.

09:43  Tamim run out for 24, Bangladesh lose 2nd wicket:  

B’desh 44-2 (17 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Bhuvneshwar Kumar to start off with the ball for India. Mominul Haque is beaten by a beauty as Bhuvi gets enough movement to beat the left-hander, who looks to poke at it but misses.

It is Umesh Yadav from the other end and not Ishant, who was preferred with the new ball on Day 2.

Umesh straightaway starts from round the wicket. He gets Tamim to edge one but it doesn’t carry to the fielder at second slip showing the slow nature of the pitch. Haque edges the last ball which goes past the gully fielder for a single.

Bhuvneshwar doing well to stay away from the danger area today after he was spoken to a few times by the umpires on Day 2 for running on the danger area.

On this good wicket for batting it is criminal to throw your wicket away and that is precisely what Bangladesh do. Tamim, who scored 24, is run out after Haque calls him for a second run but both stutter slightly after completing the first run which proves fatal.

Infact, Umesh did well to scamper in from fine leg and send a flat quick throw to Bhuvneshwar, who was also aware to get back to the stumps and effect the run out.


09:24  India eye wickets on Day 3, Bangladesh aim for big score:  B’desh 41-1 (14 ovs) vs India 687-6d | Scorecard

Welcome to the coverage of Day 3 of the one-off Test between India and Bangladesh, in Hyderabad, on Saturday.

India would be looking to continue their dominating performance with a good performance with the ball on the third day.

After amassing a massive 687 for seven declared in their first innings, India claimed an early wicket to reduce Bangladesh to 41 for one at stumps. They need another 446 runs to avoid the follow-on but their main aim would be to bat through the third day and put themselves in a good position to save the match.

The pitch is still solid and good for batting but expect some cracks to open up as the day progresses bringing into play India’s spin twins Ravichandran Ashwin and Ravindra Jadeja.

Source: Rediff