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Killer Draws Inspiration From Bollywood, Murders Servant

First published: December 29, 2016, 9:04 PM IST | Updated: 1 mins ago

Baljeet Singh (Photo: Pradesh18)

Chandigarh: Baljeet Singh, a property dealer from Haryana’s Dubbal village, was arrested on Wednesday on charges of murdering his servant and faking his own death to claim life insurance.

Burdened with huge debt already, Singh had lost a lot of money as result of PM Modi’s demonetisation move.

Singh had told his servant Sandeep that a party with demonetised notes was to visit him from Delhi and he had to help him get this currency exchanged. In return, Singh promised Sandeep a part of the compensation he would receive after facilitating this exchange.

He then drove Sandeep to a nearby forest and shot him twice in the head. After shifting Sandeep’s body in the driver’s seat, Singh set the car ablaze hoping Sandeep’s charred body would be mistaken for his body.

His family, then, would be in a position to claim the insurance money. Singh left his village and started living in Rajasthan masquerading as a sadhu.

Singh confessed to killing his servant after being taken into custody. An aggressive investor in life insurance policies, Singh was said to have a total insurance of worth Rs 3.25 crore.

Singh’s wife is the principal beneficiary of his insurance policies.

He told the police that he got the idea of this gruesome crime from a Bollywood film Ajnabee and a crime-based TV show Savdhan India.

Singh’s other business, money lending, had plummeted post demonetisation making it difficult for him to repay his own debts.

The murder mystery was solved after Singh used his Aadhar card to check into a hotel in Rajasthan’s Churu city. “Never in my dreams had I imagined that I would be caught because of my Aadhar card.”