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Bhopal man who killed girlfriend, parents set up US-style house to lure women: …

A 32-year-old man accused of killing his parents and live-in partner painted and decorated his Bhopal room to resemble an apartment in New York to dupe her and possibly other women, police said on Friday.

Udayan Das hit the headlines last week after police found a raised marble platform in his living room where he had hid his partner Akanksha Sharma’s body after allegedly killing her.

Das met Akanksha online in 2007 and told her that he lived in New York. To make her believe the lie, he repainted the room, added curtains, United States flags and decorated the walls with expensive paintings of animals and other items, police said.

During video chats, he used to sit in that room to make her to believe his claims as true, they added.

“He used his mind brilliantly to befool others by decorating the room. Even, when we entered the room, for some point of time even I felt that I had reached the US,” said Forensic Science Laboratory senior scientist Dinesh Sharma.

“We recovered many things which he had purchased just to impress others.”

Police said the revelation might help explain why Akanksha told her parents in West Bengal’s Bankura that she was leaving for a job in UNICEF in New York. She lived with him for 20-odd days.

Police added that Udayan might have killed Akanksha under the fear of being exposed after finding a return ticket she had booked. Investigators say Udayan initially convinced Akanksha that he was an NRI who was in Bhopal for some work but she might have realized his ploy.

Udayan allegedly killed his parents in 2010 at their home in Raipur and buried their bodies in the garden. He killed Akanskha in July 2016. Later he allegedly placed her body in a metal box and poured concrete to create a mausoleum of sorts inside his bedroom. He covered the block with marble.

Udayan also created a virtual world and websites in his name. To mislead others and conceal his crimes, he kept his parents and live-in-partner Akanksha alive on social media.

“Maybe to save himself, he is pretending to be mentally ill but according to evidences collected from his house, he seems to be very cunning and intelligent,” Sharma said.

Source: HindustanTimes