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Parliament LIVE: Lok Sabha adjoured, uproar in Rajya Sabha over PM's remark

The parliament will resume proceedings on Thursday with the Congress looking to target Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his jibe at predecessor Manmohan Singh, where he said the former PM showered with a raincoat on when multiple scams were happening around him .

Modi’s remarks in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday were viewed as a riposte to comments from Singh, an economist-politician, that the NDA government’s demonetisation exercise was equivalent of “loot and plunder”.

Live Updates:

11:15 AM: It is a matter of shame that the Prime Minister insulted memory of Indiraji by referring to some book, did not even place the book in the house:Anand Sharma of the Congress in Rajya Sabha

11:00 AM: Lok Sabha adjourned till 11.30 am after Opposition uproar

Source: HindustanTimes