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‘Treasurer’ OPS writes to AIADMK’s bank, says no one else can access party funds

A day after he was ‘sacked’ from his post as party treasurer by AIADMK General Secretary VK Sasikala, O Panneerselvam has cited technicalities to prevent the party from operating its account in the Bank of India. 

In a letter to the Chief Manager of the Mylapore branch of the Bank of India, Panneerselvam stated that the post of General Secretary of the party remains vacant. He claimed that the appointment to the post was yet to be made in accordance to the by-laws of AIADMK. The by-laws, according to the letter state that the General Secretary has to be elected by the primary members of the party all over Tamil Nadu and elsewhere. 

His letter further states that, in the occasion that the post of General Secretary falls vacant, “the office bearers of the post of Members of the Central Executive Committee, Deputy General Secretary, Treasurer and Head Quarters Secretary nominated by the General Secretary will continue to hold office.”

By this logic, Panneerselvam claims, he remains the Treasurer of the party and rejects VK Saskila’s move to remove him from the post. He further states that, “In continuation of my appointment as the treasurer of the AIADMK Party by the Honurable Puratchi Thalaivi AMMA, I request you not to permit anyone else to operate our AIADMK Party’s current account without my written consent and instruction.”

Panneeselvam’s allegation of non-conformity to party rules in her election, comes over a month after she was made General Secretary. The timing of his charge, in line with his stand against her becoming Chief Minister, is being seen as a move timed to slow down the process of her taking up the mantle.

Source: The News Minute