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Infosys Murder: Techie Rasila Raju's Family Demands CBI Probe

Neethu S | CNN-News18

First published: February 9, 2017, 8:06 AM IST | Updated: 3 mins ago

File photo.

Thiruvananthapuram: The family of Rasila Raju, who was murdered at her Infosys office in Pune, has demanded a CBI enquiry into her killing.

The family has submitted a memorandum to Kerala DGP stating that the state government should look into the matter to clear all doubts and suspicion about their daughter’s murder.

Rasila’s father Raju has said that they have several doubts about whether the investigation is going in the right and whether the correct is person arrested.

Raju also alleged that his daughter was facing mental torture at the hands of her manager as she was denied a transfer to Bengaluru and was often asked to put in extra hours of work.

“The security guard whom the police have arrested is not from the same building, then how will he enter her office and the cubicle where she was working. They can only enter there by swiping their ID cards, so how did this security guard manage to reach there. she has been complaining of mental harassment at the hands of her manager. All this torture for her started after she refused to be part of a team lunch. Many times she was asked to work extra hours,”alleged Rasila’s father.

The grieving father also said he needs answers on why only his daughter was called to work on a Sunday when no other persons were present in the office.

Raju further said, “Before the incident Rasila was speaking to one of her cousins. She was talking about the difficulties that she is facing at work. Her last words were that someone is entering her cabin and that she will talk later. But that was last I heard about my daughter. Later what we knew was the news of her murder.” Rasila’s uncle Suresh said that they have several doubts even about the investigation.

“It has been 11 days but till now the police has not contacted us or taken the family’s statement. We were busy with all the rituals , now we will go there and find out what is happening. We don’t think that a security guard alone can do this crime. We need a clear answer to how all this happened in a highly secured place like this, ” Suresh added.

Rasila was found dead in the conference room on the ninth floor of the Infosys building in Pune.

Her Body was found strangulaed with a computer cable. Bhaben Saikia , a security guard, has been arrested in connection with the murder.