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PM Narendra Modi`s speech in Rajya Sabha: Top quotes

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday addressed the upper house of the parliament. 

Modi’s today’s speech circled mainly around the issue of demonetisation and black money. 

Following are the major highlights of what PM Modi said in Rajya Sabha:

– Most of the discussion has been around demonetisation. We can’t deny it has affected our economy. So, the fight against corruption and black money is not political. This fight is not against any political party, but it is out prerogative in the house to discuss and solve it

– We should know that in our country, after notes ban, the efforts to loot banks and take out new notes happened in Jammu and Kashmir

– About 700 Maoists surrendered after demonetisation and this number is increasing. This happened for the first time. Terrorists too have been hit hard by notes ban

– There is a horizontal divide-on one side are the people of India and Government, and on the other side are a group of political leaders

– Former bureaucrat Madhav Godbole in a book wrote that in 1971 Indira Gandhi ji was advised by then Finance Minister to demonetise, but she rejected the idea 

– If I would have been in your place, I would have filed case against Madhav Godbole for sensitive charges against Indira Gandhi in his book ‘Unfinished Innings’

– Indiraji didn’t implement demonetisation due to electoral compulsions. Even former West Bengal chief minister Jyoti Basu had said that in successive parliamentary debates

– Manmohan Singh ji is the former prime minister and is a respected leader. He has had a direct relation with the economy with last 35 years. When such a tall leader spoke of loot and plunder, he should have thought of this own side. We have the strength to reply in their language

– This is the first time in history that a person had such an influence on the economy. And during the time, so many scams. But not even a blot over his image, Congress leaders should learn from him. But, only he knows how to shower in bathroom wearing a rain coat

– After notes ban, digital transactions were enabled at petrol pumps, toll booth and through RFIDs – this will save so much petrol

– The last elections were fought on the agenda of 9 or 12 subsidised cylinder. Now, over 1,65,000 new gas connections have been given to poor families

– Rs 6,000 for each poor pregnant woman; Beti bacho; women empowerment – 50,000 crores; a program for children vaccination

– Cleanliness or Swacchta was being mocked. I want to thank the media that they highlighted the Swacchta program. They went two steps ahead of politicians. I thank them. When people mock Swacch campaigns it hurts, it’s not a joke

– Children should wash hands and sleep, we all know that but people make excuses that there’s no water etc

– Record production of pulses this year. Hundred percent FDI in food processing so the farmers are benefited

Source: Zee News