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Tamil Nadu Plastic Ban 2019: List of banned items and eco-friendly alternatives

With less than two weeks to go for the plastic ban to come into effect across Tamil Nadu, the state government has released a descriptive list of items that have been banned. In addition to this, the state has also recommended eco-friendly alternatives that it hopes will replace plastic.

On World Environment Day this year, with a view to curb the effects of plastic on the environment, the Tamil Nadu government announced a ban of non-biodegradable and single-use plastic and had recommended the use of natural, environmental-friendly products. Explaining the dangers that the use of plastic has on the environment and on animals, Chief Minister Edappadi Palaniswami told the Assembly on June 5, “With the vision of gifting a plastic-free Tamil Nadu to our future generation, the government hereby bans the use of plastic goods of all sizes (microns).”

The House Select Committee had also recommended the restricted use of plastic for daily-use products like milk, curd, oil and medicines.

List of banned plastic items:

1. a. Plastic sheet / cling film used for food wrapping 
    b. Plastic sheet used for spreading on dining table

2. a. Plastic Thermocol plates 
    b. Plastic coated paper plates

3. a. Plastic coated paper cups 
    b. Plastic tea cups 
    c. Plastic tumbler 
    d. Thermocol cups

4. a. Plastic carry bag of all sizes & thickness 
    b. Plastic coated carry bags 
    c. Non woven Bags

5. Water pouches / packets

6. Plastic straw

7. Plastic flags

8. Plastic Coated Carry bags

9. Non-Woven Bags

List of eco-friendly alternatives:

1. Plantain leaves, Areca nut plates

2. Aluminium foils

3. Paper rolls

4. Lotus leaves

5. Glass / metal tumblers,

6. Bamboo, Wooden Products

7. Paper straw

8. Cloth / Paper / Jute bags

9. Paper / Cloth flags

10. Ceramic wares

11. Edible Cutleries

12. Earthen Pots

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Source: The News Minute