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Rajinikanth to float TV channel? Source says not yet

Tamil Nadu woke up to speculation of actor Rajinikanth floating a channel after VM Sudhakar, the convenor of the Rajini Makkal Mandram, initiated the process of registering trademarks in the name of “Superstar TV”, “Rajini TV” and “Thalaivar TV”. So is Rajini, who announced his decision to take the political plunge last December, planning to launch a channel?  Not yet, says one source in the Rajini camp.

Speaking to TNM, a source in Rajini Makkal Mandram said that while the trademark registration had indeed been initiated, the move was not aimed at starting a television channel. “A man named Bose had started a YouTube channel called Rajini TV. They said that they had plans to launch a satellite TV channel as well so we felt that Thalaivar’s name should not be misused for any purpose. So we thought we will just register it and keep. There are no plans to start a television channel right now.”

The source adds that Rajinikanth himself had been opposed to the idea of starting a television channel, before the official launch of a political party.   

Logos revealed

Documents accessed by Times Now reveal the logos behind each channel name. The logo for “Superstar TV” has Rajinikanth’s face as th Registrar of Trademark in Chennai had objected to four out of the six applications.  e main image with the words ‘SUPERSTAR TV’ in blue font embossed below. It also have five blue and red stars around the actor’s face.

The logo for “Rajini TV” has the name in gold font with a crown atop the letter R, while the word ‘TV’ is written in blue. 

The last name “Thalaivar TV” is written in Tamil. The words ‘Thalaivar’ are in gold font with give red and blue stars over it, while the word ‘TV’ is in blue.  


However, in what has come as a blow to the mandram, the Registrar of Trademark in Chennai had objected to four out of the six applications. Only two have been “accepted and advertised”. The Registry had objected to the three names on the grounds that they were “same/similar trademark(s)” already on their records. Moreover, a No Objection Certificate was also required as Rajinikanth’s photograph as being used for the name “Superstar TV”.

Objections to trademark and a counter-explanation

Responding to the objections raised over the names, Sudhakar’s trademark agent C Prakash addressed a letter dated December 19 to the Registrar of Trademark.

With regard to the name ‘Superstar TV’, Sudhakar argues that the trademark is “a unique mark which is fully capable of distinguishing our services of other similar registered trademark”. The letter goes on to describe how the trademark for “Superstar TV” was designed by Sudhakar and as he is a fan of Rajinikanth, he chose his photo as his logo. It also claims that Sudhakar coined the word “Superstar TV” and designed the trademark and therefore cannot be monopolized by any individual trader.  Calling the trademarks distinctive, Sudhakar’s agent states that the trademark is totally dissimilar and non-identical with any of the competing trademarks. Incidentally, some of the similar trademarks include ‘Superstars’ belonging to World Wrestling Entertainment in the US, ‘Superstars’ (Label) registered in Mumbai and listed as a goods/service in the field of education, providing of training, entertainment, sporting etc.  

The letter concludes by stating that the trademark is a “virgin mark” and “fully eligible and competent for registration”. It seeks the Registrar’s permission for the publication of their trademark in the trademark journal.

Sudhakar also attached a No Objection Certificate from Rajinikanth stating that he had no objection to the use of his name and photo on the logo and label. He also requested the Registrar to process Sudhakar’s application. It is this letter that has gone viral over social media leading to speculation that the superstar would launch a channel.  

Source: The News Minute