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Some wealthy Indians are rotten potatoes, spend Rs 700 crore on daughter’s wedding: J&K Governor


Jammu and Kashmir Governor Satya Pal Malik on Wednesday said a section of wealthy people of the country are like “rotten potatoes” as they are insensitive towards the society.

Speaking at the state’s Sainik Welfare Society in winter capital Jammu, Governor Malik said a section of the country’s wealthy people are insensitive towards the society.

“They do not do charity of even a rupee… And a few like this are in the upper classes. I consider them as ‘Saday Se Aalu’ (rotten potatoes). Please do not take it otherwise,” he said at the function.

He also said: “When a journalist asked a question to the country’s wealthiest man, who spent Rs 700 crore on the marriage of his daughter, whether he does any charity, he said he does not do charity but adds to the wealth of the country. Does he increase the wealth of the country by spending Rs 700 crore on the marriage of his daughter?

“In Europe and other countries, they do charity. The owner of Microsoft spends 99 per cent of his earnings on charity.

“With Rupees 700 crore, 700 big schools could have been built in the state and 7,000 widows of slain soldiers could have brought up their children.

“But they will not do charity. The sensitivity that should be in this section of the society is not there,” Malik regretted.

Malik, however, added that the country’s society is not formed by the upper classes but by farmers, employees, people working in industries and men in the armed forces.

Source: Zee News