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OPS has given voice to people who were sidelined: Former MLA Bader Sayeed tells TNM

As the O Panneerselvam versus Sasikala battle unfolds in Chennai, all eyes are on who is turning out in support of the former CM following his dramatic announcement at Marina Beach on Tuesday night.

Among those coming to show their support was lawyer, activist and former MLA Bader Sayeed, who declared that she was supporting OPS, “because I support the truth.”

Sayeed said that OPS’s revolt was gaining support, because it called out to everyone who had been marginalised in the AIADMK. “Ops has given voice to a lot of people and that’s why so many people who were sidelined are coming out in support. I was sidelined too,” she said.

She said that there was already a lot of anger against Sasikala, which was now coming to the fore thanks to OPS’s speech. The cadres and the public had been nursing an anger against Sasikala, she said. “They have all been hurt at one time. They are coming out with a lot of courage, after OPS spoke,” she said.

As with all the others who have come to meet and support OPS, Sayeed also vehemently denied that there was any truth to allegations that OPS’s rebellion was being remote-controlled by the BJP seeking to gain a bigger foothold in the state. “What has happened does not have anything to do with any other party,” she declared.

As to where OPS’s revolt will lead now, Sayeed said that any plans to form a new party were not yet in the offing. “I don’t know if any party will be formed. OPS has not ditched the party (AIADMK),” she said.

However, she said that she was optimistic for the results. “What happens will be for the good of the state,” she said.

Bader Sayeed was a longtime associate of late CM Jayalalithaa, and had been appointed to some key positions, including as a member of the Tamil Nadu Minorities Commission in 1991 and the first woman chairperson of the Tamil Nadu Wakf Board in 2002. 

Source: The News Minute