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PM Narendra Modi targets Gandhis and Congress for dynasty politics

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday taunted the Congress, mocked its vice president Rahul Gandhi and criticised its “dynastic politics” as he tore into the main Opposition party in Parliament.

“So, finally, the earthquake has come,” Prime Minister said in the Lok Sabha, referring to the tremors felt in Delhi and parts of north India on Monday night as he took a jibe at Rahul Gandhi.

The Congress leader had on December 9 warned that if he was allowed to speak in Parliament . He had “information on the personal corruption of the Prime Minister”, Gandhi said a few days later at a press conference in the Parliament complex during the winter session, which was a wash-out as the Opposition and government traded charges over demonetisation.

“I was thinking where did the quake come from? I heard the threat long ago. There must be some reason for mother earth to be unhappy,” Modi said, replying to the motion of thanks on President’s address.

He then took on Gandhi over a recent election speech in Uttar Pradesh. “When someone finds seva in scam, then not even a mother but mother earth too, becomes unhappy,” he said.

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Speaking at a rally, Gandhi had hit back at the PM, who had questioned the Congress’ alliance with the Samajwadi Party and accused them of corruption, saying SCAM means Seva (service), Courage, Ability and Modesty.

It was janshakti (people’s power) that had propelled him to the top job but the Congress thinks “only a family has given us freedom”, said Modi, an apparent reference to the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty.

The Prime Minister also attacked Mallikarjun Kharge, the Congress’ leader in the Lok Sabha, for his remarks that not even the “dogs of the BJP” were part of the freedom struggle.

“We have not grown up in Kutton wali parampara. There are many people who were born after Independence but we are fortunate to live for the country,” Modi said amid an applause from the treasury benches.

Kharge’s comment on Monday that Modi could become prime minister because the Congress kept the democracy alive too didn’t go unnoticed.

It was a “huge favour” Modi said as he questioned internal democracy in the Congress.

In his almost two-hour speech, the Prime Minister said he wanted to “play in the Congress’ ground” and started comparing performance of his government with that of the UPA, giving an account of various welfare schemes including the MGNREGA programme.

Source: HindustanTimes