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Avadi double murder: Chennai police release suspects’ images, ask public to be alert


The Chennai city police have released the images of the prime suspects in the Avadi double murder case, where two people from Andhra Pradesh murdered an elderly couple in Chennai’s Avadi. Podilappu Suresh Kumar and his wife Bhulakshmi, natives of Andhra Pradesh, have been named as the accused in the double murder of retired government press employees Jagadeesan (68) and his wife Vishalini (61).

The couple was found murdered in their farmhouse in Chennai’s Sekkadu, near Avadi, on November 28. Police also stated that 50 sovereigns of gold jewellery, too, were missing from the property. During the investigation of the crime scene, police retrieved an iron rod covered with blood, which is believed to have been the murder weapon used to kill the couple.

The police have now released the photographs of the suspects along with several other circulars and pamphlets to alert residents of the city to be on the lookout for the couple, who reportedly have more than 30 cases against them in their home state of Andhra Pradesh.

Should anyone spot the couple, they have been told to contact the city police control at 100 or to notify the Assistant Commissioner of Police of the region at 9444803562 or 9498106608.

Earlier, on November 26, CCTV footage from the railway station confirmed that Suresh was seen waiting at the Avadi railway station around 11.56 pm, a few days prior to the murder.

A team of police officials investigating the case visited Suresh’s native town in Andhra Pradesh and were able to gather more intel on him.

The pamphlets being distributed are alerting the general public to be cautious of the criminal duo, who may be posing as a couple looking for a house to rent, along with their three-year-old son, in order to divert people’s attention and recognise them.

Source: The News Minute