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Bhopal 'Killer' Udayan Suffers From Trust Issues, Says Doctor

Bhopal: Thirty two-year-old Udayan Das, who is accused of murdering his girlfriend and parents, is reported to exhibit erratic behaviour and suffering from psychological issues.

He was also suspended from his school once after he hit and injured a classmate.

His friends: Samir Kamran, Vaibhav Pathak and others have claimed that Udayan completed elementary education at St Joseph School.

“In class VII, Udyan had a fight with one of the boys of another section and he badly injured the boy by hitting him in the head,” a friend said.

The school administration took note of the incident and he was promptly suspended for his unruly act, according to the friend.

According to his friends, Udayan repeatedly made big boasts, so most of them kept a distance from him. Those who knew Udyan said that he was suspended on several occasions due to his behaviour.

His old friends, however, are shocked after learning about his heinous crime.

It is reported that Udayan’s deceased girlfriend, Akanksha, once took him to Hamidia Hospital in Bhopal for sorting out his psychological issues.

Dr RN Sahu, HoD Department of Psychology at Hamidia Hospital, said that he recognised Udayan by seeing his face in newspapers.

“People with such psyche suspect everyone and don’t trust anyone and their closed group keeps changing,” said Dr Sahu.

The doctor further added that Udayan was never regular in treatment.

Meanwhile, police in Bhopal is now scanning his Facebook girlfriends so as to make sure whether he killed other girls as well. The new angle comes to the probe especially after recovery of dead bodies of Udayan’s parents.

“We are yet to make public complete details of Udayan, so after seeking a permission from the court, we would search his Saket Nagar house once again,” said Siddharth Bahuguna, SP (South).