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This school teacher stripped girls, made them parade in semi-nude condition for two hours and recorded MMS

Varanasi: This teacher is such a shame and has committed a heinous crime!

In a shameful act, a teacher of Girls Junior High School in Uttar Pradesh’s Sonbhadra made students of class eight parade in semi-nude condition as a punishment for not completing their home work.

What happened actually?

According to reports, the head teacher Meena Singh in order to punish the girls for not doing their homework allegedly stripped them and asked them to parade in semi-nude condition on school compound for two hours on Saturday.

MMS made?

The picture of girls in semi-nude condition was also taken by mobile phone.

Moreover Meena Sindh threatened to leak the video if they do not complete their home work.

After knowing this inhuman act the parents of girls reported the incident to the district magistrate requesting him for appropriate action in this regard.

Teacher suspended

After the incident was reported, district magistrate said the teacher has been suspended with immediate effect, and further departmental investigation is on.

Source: Zee News