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When PM Narendra Modi`s `Bhukamp aa hi gaya` jibe at Rahul Gandhi made MPs burst into laughter

New Delhi: Replying to the ‘Motion of Thanks’ on the President Pranab Mukherjee’s joint address to Parliament during the Budget Session, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday used his excellent oratory skills when he blasted Congress for ‘looting’ the nation since it gained Independence.

In a point-by-point rebuttal to Congress party’s allegations, the PM said, ”the main opposition party thinks the country got freedom only because of the efforts of one family, which is incorrect.”

Attacking Congress, the PM said, ”From the first day we have said that we are ready for debate on any issue, but the Opposition was interested in disrupting the proceedings inside Parliament and giving bytes on TV.”

Democracy in Congress rule was hijacked. The previous Congress governments ignored freedom fighters, he added.

Hailing the demonetisation move, the PM said, ”We do not see everything through the prism of elections,” adding, ”for us, the interests of the nation are supreme.”

The Prime Minster also took a dig at Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi’s ‘earthquake’ remarks, saying ‘it has finally struck Uttarakhand’.

Interestingly, PM also replied to Congress leader Mallikarjun Kharge’s ‘dog’ jibe and said, “We were not raised as dogs.”

Watch here PM Modi tearing apart Congress in a not-to-be-missed speech in Lok Sabha. 

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Source: Zee News