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Pune Infosys girl murder: These were Rasila Raju`s last words before she abruptly ended phone call

Pune:  Rasila Raju, the Infosys software engineer who was murdered at her office by a security guard, was on a phone call with her cousin when she realised that ‘someone’ is about to enter her bay.

Rasila Raju was discussing with her cousin about her transfer to the Pune Infosys branch. 


“Someone is entering my work bay, I will call you back,” Rasila told her cousin before she abruptly ended the call, according to a report in Mid-Day.

Reportedly, Rasila wasn’t thrilled about working alone on Sunday (January 29).

Also, she had told her family that she was often forced to put in extra hours because her boss held a grudge against her.

Rasila was facing harassment from senior?

Earlier, the father of Rasila Raju had alleged that his daughter was facing constant harassment fromy a senior colleague and demanded a thorough police investigation into the case.

A former army officer, Raju O. told media persons that she had complained to her family about the alleged pestering by a superior and she was very disturbed about it, compelling her to seek a transfer to Bengaluru.

He said it was strange how the accused security guard – Bhaben Saikia – managed to enter the office room where she worked though it was access-controlled.

“Firstly, she was called on Sunday, her weekly off. Then there was not adequate security or a female security guard, though she was working alone on that floor,” he said with tears in his eyes.

“I was very happy when she got a job in Infosys. But she was not comfortable in Pune and wanted to go to Bengaluru, which was also closer to her home (in Kerala),” said the Kozhikode-based Raju.

Rasila’s murder

On Sunday evening, Rasila was assaulted and strangulated by a computer LAN cord by Saikia after she objected to him “staring” at her and threatened to lodge a complaint against him.

Saikia fled from the scene but the Pune Police zeroed in on him from CCTV footage and nabbed him early on Monday morning when he was planning to board a train to his home in Assam.

Rasila’s mother expired two years ago while her brother Rijeesh works in the Gulf.

Source: Zee News