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Ravichandran Ashwin disappoints trolls everywhere, claims ‘Sasikala’ tweet was just misread

With Sasikala’s sudden elevation to legislature party leader, politics is once again the central obsession in Tamil Nadu. So much so, that online and offline, every innocuous statement seems to have a hidden political meaning.

On Monday, cricketer Ravichandran Ashwin found out just how politics-obsessed his fellow Tamilians are.

“To all the youngsters in TN, 234 job opportunities to open up shortly,” Ashwin tweeted on Monday.

Incidentally, 234 is also the exact number of seats in the state Assembly.

Naturally everybody immediately latched onto what seemed extremely subtle political humour.

Following his tweet, one media organisation went so far as to report that “Ashwin was leading the trolling against AIADMK General Secretary”.

However, much to everyone’s chagrin Ashwin soon clarified that his tweet had nothing to do with Chinnamma and the AIADMK. Dismissing media reports, the cricketer clarified in another tweet later in the day that he was talking about a career fair for disabled persons.

 “Guys please cool it down, it is a job creation drive. Nothing to do with Politics.#howmuchtwisting,” he said in his next tweet.

“Ashwin Foundation is happy to support ‘We Are Your Voice’ ,excl career fair for differently abled ,26th Feb, Loyola Col contact 9551500061,” Ashwin clarified.

Source: The News Minute