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Demonetisation Caused Husband-Wife Feuds, Claims Anti Women-harassment Cell

Old Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes placed in an order that reads BAN. Both the denominations have been demonetised. (Representative Image/PTI Photo by Manvender Vashist)

Bhopal: The banning of high value currency notes by the Modi government on November 8 last year not only led to inconvenience to people, but also left several husbands and wives sparring.

This is what volunteers posted at Gauravi –One Stop Assistance Centre establishes at JP Hospital, have claimed on the basis of the report card of last three months starting from November.

“Demonetisation led to a spurt in feuds between husband and wife,” said Sarika Sinha, Gauravi director who is state co-ordinator of anti women harassment NGO Action Aid.

In more than half a dozen cases of domestic feud, women have complained to the centre that they handed old notes to their hubbies for getting them exchanged which they did but never returned the new currency. Whenever asked about new currency, the husbands say that the money eventually belonged to them and was just hidden from them.

Sinha said that around 200 cases of domestic feuds landed at their centre and around 25% of these cases were connected to demonetisation. “We are offering counselling to the sparring couples to sort out their issues,” she said.

Gauravi was established by Ministry of Women and Child Welfare in the year 2014 and helps women victims of domestic violence, sexual offences and other crimes.