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Now this city of Uttar Pradesh may undergo name change


Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) MLA Sangeet Som on Friday said with conviction that the name of Muzaffarnagar in Uttar Pradesh will be changed to Laxminagar.

Speaking to news agency ANI, Som hinted that the names of several cities are yet to be changed. He reiterated that the people have been demanding since a long time that the name of Muzaffarnagar be changed to Laxminagar.

The BJP leader attributed the reason as it was named by Nawab Muzaffar Ali. He accused the Mughals of trying to do away with the culture and more so with the Hinduism in the country. The MLA said that the party is trying to safeguard the culture of the country. He also assured that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) will continue to protect the culture.

“Abhi to bahut shehron ke naam badle jaane hain. Muzaffarnagar ka naam badla jana hai. Muzaffarnagar ka naam Laxminagar logon ki pehle se maang hai. Muzaffarnagar naam ek nawab Muzaffar Ali ne kiya tha. Logon ki sadion se demand hai ki iska naam Laxminagar kiya jaaye. Mughalon ne yahan ki sanskriti ko mitaane ka kaam kiya hai, khaastaur se Hindutva ko mitaane ka kaam kiya hai. Humlog uss sanskriti ko bachane ke liye kaam kar rahe hain. BJP uspe aage badhegi. (The name change of several cities are yet to take place. The name of Muzaffarnagar will be changed. People have been demanding the name change to Laxminagar. The name Muzaffarnagar was given by a nawab named Muzaffar Ali. People have been demanding for several years that the name be changed to Laxminagar. The Mughals had worked here to do away with our culture, expecially Hindutva. We’re working to save that culture. BJP will proceed on that),” said Som.

Incidentally, Som shot to limelight for his fiery speeches during the 2013 Muzaffarnagar riots and was one of those named for inciting violence.

He has been elected for the second time as an MLA from Sardhana

Source: Zee News