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Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka orchestrating terror attacks in West Bengal: Report


NEW DELHI: Intelligence agencies have warned that Pakistan High Commission officials in Bangladesh are allegedly involved in anti-Indian activities.

The latest inputs from the agencies indicate that the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka has been orchestrating terror attacks in Bangladesh and West Bengal.

The officials of Pakistan’s notorious spy agency Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), under the cover of diplomats, had been secretly meeting terror groups active in Bangladesh and directing them for carrying out big terror attacks in Bangladesh and India.

“One diplomat of Pakistan High Commission posted in Dhaka held a secret meeting recently with a Bangladeshi terror group and promised to arrange an arms training for a batch of 100 newly recruited terrorists for suicidal attacks. Input suggest that some of them would be sent to West Bengal for terror attacks after completing training, ” an intelligence officer told Zee News.

The Sheikh Hasina Government had recently refused to accept the new Pakistan envoy, alleging that Pakistan is using diplomacy as a cover for ISI activities. 

Bangladesh government believes that the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka has emerged as a center of anti-government activities as well as anti-India activities.

“This is of a serious concern to India as well as Bangladesh. We are aware of how Pakistan has been using its diplomats to destabilise India. Most of the diplomats are undercover agents of the ISI. There are reports that the Pakistan High Commission in Dhaka is also involved in distributing fake Indian currency notes (FICN),” another security official said.

An intelligence report sent to the Ministry of Home Affairs last month has revealed that Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) held a secret meeting over its plan to carry out terror attacks during the general elections in Bangladesh. 

During the meeting, the terror outfit discussed plans to buy weapons and suicidal vests with the help of other terrorist groups operating in Bangladesh.

It was decided during the meeting that JMB will recruit 300 new terrorists and train them before the general elections in Bangladesh. 

The group is also trying to conduct two-week training in the Chittagong district with an aim to establish 50 new training centers in various districts of Bangladesh with the help of Lashkar terrorists who are of Pakistani origin.

It may be recalled that Bangladesh is slated to hold the country’s 11th national election in the third week of December this year as the term of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina’s ruling Awami League (AL) party comes to an end in January 2019.

Source: Zee News