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Dalit families in UP threaten conversion after permission denied to install idol in temple


At least 50 Dalit families at Incholi village in Meerut district of Uttar Pradesh threatened to convert after they were allegedly denied permission of placing an idol in a temple.

The families said that they were refused to put an idol of Goddess Kali in the village temple by the locals, said the district administration on Thursday. A protester, Rajkumar, said that conversion is better as despite being Hindus they were stopped. He said, “We are Hindus if we can’t put a goddess idol in a temple then where should we go? It is better to convert.”

Speaking on the issue, ADM (E) Ramchandra said that though the protesters have alleged on the idol placing issue, the ADM(E) wasn’t aware of the religious conversion demand. However, he assured that the matter will be investigated and resolved.

He said, “Protesters have alleged that they wanted to place an idol in the village temple and they were stopped by other locals. We will investigate the matter. I don’t know about the religious conversion demand, the matter will be resolved.”

Source: Zee News